#Storiesforlife – Gifting the love of books

The one thing I really want to pass onto my boys is my love of reading. Nothing is better than reading a book, other than reading it to kids. When I fell pregnant with Jack one of my first purchases was books. You can never have too many! The boys school are making a big focus this year on their love of reading and are really encouraging them to take to a book instead of a tablet. As they are getting older it is becoming harder to try and influence them to read a book. It is just as important as it was when they were younger.  We already have a wide selection of books available to the boys. From Non fiction to fact books to books that help aid their play. #Storiesforlife not just for Christmas.


Penguin Random House Children’s Books have teamed up with Britmum’s to bring the Christmas Present Challenge. The idea is to gift books at Christmas. I was sent 3 books from Penguin Random House Children’s Books with the idea of gifting them on.

I received a great big blue sparkly envelope in the post! and inside contained 3 books! The books look great and I couldn’t wait to open them. My first mistake was opening them in front of the 2 youngest boys. So instantly they took a book and que the oohs and ahh’s.

The first book


Max and Bird

A big yellow book with simple illustrations and a really great story line. Max is a kitten and Bird is well a bird. Max meets bird and wants to play and be friends. The thing is he would also like to eat Bird. The book is all about learning about friendship and it really is such a nice easy to read book.


The Dinosaur that pooped Christmas.

My boys are obsessed with poop! It is disgusting! We recently brought the Dinosaur that pooped a planet and it went down a storm! so when this book came out of the envelope we got lots of “YES!”

The story line is pretty simple Danny the little kid, wants everything for Christmas but gets a dinosaur. The dino is hungry and I mean hungry! He loves eating and starts to eat EVERYTHING. But as they saying goes “What goes in, must come out” so yeah pretty disgusting! The illustrations are great and pretty grim too! I mean danny’s dad is iron boarding through the poop! (yup!) But the boys love the book! It is fun and really does engage the boys. Which is fab!


The Little Elephant Who Wants To Fall Asleep

This is the next book from the author who wrote The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep which was a global best seller. It was a book loved by many, many parents who all wanted their children to fall asleep. The book uses a variety of different techniques to encourage you the reader to help read the story effectively. I have never had an issue with the boys falling asleep. So this is a book I think I will gift on.

The book is about Ellen the Elephant and her journey through the magical forest that leads to sleep. Ellen meets lots of different characters all with calming experiences to help aide sleep. The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep had great reviews and this book looks to follow suit and become another a bestseller!


All 3 books are really lovely. We will keep The Dinosaur that pooped Christmas we own 2 of the other books in the series as well as the little cute Dino. I would also love to keep Max and Bird but I think in the spirit of Christmas I will wrap up and gift, along with The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep.

Growing up one of my favourite books was the Jolly Postman. The book is about the Jolly Postman who delivers all the letters to well known book characters. It is interactive too as you can take the letters out of the envelope and read them as well as a game and birthday cards. I recently brought the book for the boys along with the Christmas version and it has become a favourite. Which is great to see them enjoy the same book I did as a child.


*I was sent these books by Penguin Random House Children’s Books in exchange for this post*

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