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It is no denying one of my most places to be is my bed. As soon as my head hits my pillow and I wrap myself with my kingsize duvet I can fall asleep within seconds. However my main struggle is staying asleep! Since having the boys, I haven’t been able to have a full nights sleep at all. Of course once I am awake that is it.

Before Christmas I was given the opportunity to review a pillow which plays music through speakers and this got me thinking. Before meeting Mark I used to listen to the radio to get me to sleep. For as long as I remember I had music of some sort playing and I had no problems staying as asleep. However when Mark and I got together we very quickly fell pregnant and then had babies and my insomnia started. So I had very high hopes of the Soundasleep Bluetooth Pillow working for me!

Using the Soundasleep Bluetooth Pillow

SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow

As soon as the Soundasleep Bluetooth Pillow arrived I was eager to try it out! It comes with a micro USB charging cable which needs plugging into a USB port, I chose my mobile phones charging plug. As soon as you plug it in a light will flash red to signal charging had started. It took about 4 hours to charge and after that it was ready to use. That night I connected the pillow to my mobile using Bluetooth. I was able to stream my music through my Google Play app and I fell asleep listening to the Hamilton Musical. It was a dream.

I must admit it took me awhile to get used to where the speaker in the pillow was. I spent awhile trying to get comfortable and have my ear directly over the speaker. Obviously depending on the type of sounds you play will determine roughly how loud you would need to set the volume. However it didn’t really matter where I set the volume, Mark was able to hear the lot. In the end I had the volume rather low which resulted in me trying to find the best position to be in to hear it. I was surprised with how loud the speakers could go at full volume it was rather loud.

What I think

SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow

I must admit I have fallen completely in love with the pillow! It is super soft and as I rest my head it puffs up at the side almost like it is tucking me in. Once I got over the initial getting used to speaker and volumes my sleep did improve. The battery on the pillow lasts for about 8 hours on continuous play so the pillow needs charging daily.

However, the pillow has been great for use during the day. Resting on the sofa I can listen to my podcasts without having to use earphones too! It has certainly been well used since we received it!

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*The Soundasleep Bluetooth Pillow was sent in exchange for an honest review.



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