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Slime has been such a huge hit this summer! I am yet to come across a child who doesn’t like the stuff! The boys love the feel of it and being able to pull and stretch and the squish it all in their hands! I personally find playing with it quite therapeutic!

There has been hundreds of Youtube and Facebook videos popping up with how to make slime at home. Although it is something I have thought of doing, the mess I imagine it creating has put me off! Thankfully we were offered a 3-pack of So Slime DIY so we can make it at home! Hopefully without the mess.

So Slime DIY 3 Pack

So Slime DIY

The boys couldn’t wait to get their hands on the set and get making! The set we were sent came with 3 individual pots. Within each pot was a packet of powder, a smaller packet of glitter/confetti and in one of the tubs there was also a secret surprise! We couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to make. The only ingredient we needed to add was water! You can tap/bottled, it really doesn’t matter. On the inside of the tubs is a fill to line, just make sure you don’t go too over.

So Slime DIY

Once you have added the powder and glitter/confetti packs pop the lid back on and shake! The box says to shake for 30 seconds! After the boys had their go at shaking, I took over to make sure it was mixed. After it was all shaken we took the lid off and as the box stated we waited 5 minutes.

So Slime DIY

When the 5 minutes was over the slime was ready to use. The boys loved playing with the slime and the sparkles were a big hit.

Our thoughts

In our box we received rainbow coloured slime so Yellow, Blue and Pink. Jack did make comments that he felt the box seemed very girl orientated. He would be happy to receive it as a gift but he could see that it could be off putting to buy for boys. I could see where he was coming from, but he was adamant that he loved it and would be more than happy to receive it too.

There are other designs available in the Slime Shakers, some more aimed towards the boys where the secret surprises are creepy and insects. The colours are still really vibrant and inciting too! It is great to know that there are more options available to suit pretty much every child, boy or girl.

As the 3 pack is under £10 it makes a great gift for when the boys are invited to a party.

So Slime DIY

The So Slime DIY is available to buy from places such as Amazon and Smyths. The Knight Tribe recently reviewed the So Slime DIY Slime Case, which is well worth a read!


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