New breed of creatures…Smashy Mashy

NEw gross collectible Smashy Mashy

There is a new breed of collectibles on the block. Not your lovely cute dainty ones but big squashy smelly ones. Smashy Mashy has arrived and my boys LOVE them! It is probably the 6 characters to collect or that each character comes with a little buddy. Either way I imagine this won’t be the last time we will come across them.

Smashy Mashy

The boys were sent 2 of the Smashy Mashy cannisters to review and Jack couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Inside each of the cannisters are 2 blind bags; one biggish bag and another smaller one. There is also a sticker, as well as a decoder and a map to decode. Be aware that the sticker shows what is inside the bags, it kind of ruins the surprise but that didn’t seem to bother the boys at all.

Opening Smashy Mashy’s!

Jack really wanted Sneakz the Alien, so when he opened up and got Sassquats he was a little deflated. That all ended rather quickly when he opened Sassquats little buddy Fizz. The characters are really cute but by jeez they smell. The cannister says that they smell of Nacho Cheese, but Jack seemed to think that they smelled of popcorn, either way it wasn’t overly unpleasant. Inside the smaller bag are 2 chains so you can make the Smashy Mashy’s into keychains.

The Smashy Mashy collectibles have an RRP of £9.99 and are available at Argos, Amazon and other various retailers.


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