Sling Stix

The boys love being outdoors and we love finding new toys to take with us. We were given the opportunity to try out Sling Stix.

Sling Stix

Sling Stix has a really simple concept of throwing and catching. It uses stix with a suction top, a trigger and a ball. Simply pop the ball onto the suction pad and as you throw press the trigger to release the ball. It can be thrown as far as 30ft!

Throwing the ball using Sling Stix

Arthur loved just running around throwing the ball and picking it up. It kept him amused for ages and there was lots of laughter and smiles. Oliver got rather jealous and wanted in on the action, thankfully there are 2 stix. This time Arthur threw the ball and Oliver tried to catch it. Of course with Arthur being 4 the ball rarely made it further than 2 yards, he did try though. Oliver, however, had more success and picked it up rather quickly. Jack watched from afar and every now and again I would look up and see him inch closer and closer.

Eventually, Arthur became frustrated with Oliver and gave up. This, of course, made Jack happy as it meant he could now have a go. As Oliver and Jack are both above the recommended age of 6+, I was excited to see how they got on. Jack picked up the technique super quickly and soon enough the boys were to’ing and fro’ing with the ball. They both even tried mastering some tricks. Certainly entertaining for me to watch them.

preparing the Sling Stix

One of the major problems of having 3 children and a game for 2 players, one of them always feels left out. Arthur saw the fun and laughter coming from Jack and Oliver and wanted back in on the action. He, of course, had to wait his turn.

Sling Stix duel

I think it is safe to say that the slingshot was a big success! Something so simple but the boys are yet to put it down, even walking through the house they are picking it up and playing with the ball, more recently they figured the ball bounces. Jack has been trying to see how high the ball bounces by throwing the ball on the floor and releasing the trigger.

The Sling Stix costs £14.99 and is available from Smyths Toy Shop, Amazon and Argos.

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