Getting a good nights sleep – Feather and Down Review

Sleep. It is one of those things I rarely have but crave. I am incredibly lucky at that once a week Mark lets me have a lie in so I can try and catch up on missed sleep, but it is still nowhere near make up the lost hours. Having children has pretty much killed off any chance of a decent night sleep especially as Arthur (the youngest of 3) was breastfed until 2 and a half years. He often (and still does) wake up several times a night, in fact, I will let you in on a little secret. It was only last week that Arthur has started to sleep through the entire night AND stay in his bed. He turns 5 in November. You would think that this could be the end of the disturbed night’s sleep but it isn’t.

Feather and Down

I received an email from Feather and Down inviting me to try a couple of products from their range. The prospect of a nights sleep was getting increasingly close and I would do anything to try and achieve it. The products I was sent were –

Pillow Spray – An infusion of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils to help reduce an anxious mind and encourage calm to aid a restful night’s sleep.

Pillow Spray - Feather and Down

All purpose sleeping balm – A blend of moisturising Vitamin E and relaxing essential oils create a calming fragrance on your pulse points, helping to ease your mind and encourage a restful night’s sleep.

Melting Shower Cream – Cleanse your skin, clear your mind, and let daytime stress wash away. This Shower Cream will melt into a calming oil when gently massaged into your skin, leaving it feeling beautifully soft and deeply nourished.

Shower Cream - Feather and Down

The products are also free from

  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Minerals
  • Oils

Prepping for a good night sleep

Now I had received the Feather and Down products I couldn’t wait to put them to the test. I have really sensitive skin so I couldn’t use the Shower cream, it smells lovely though. As the balm is to be used on pulse points (the areas of your body you can feel your pulse) I figured I would give this one a try and hoped it wouldn’t interact with me. Mark had promised to sort the boys out so I could try to relax, use the products and get a good nights sleep.

After running a warm bath and lit some candles I spent 30 minutes just resting in the bath. Something Mark always lets me have is time in the bath and most of the time it is undisturbed too! After I had my bath, and creamed up (special cream for my skin) I changed into fresh pyjamas and got into a freshly changed bedspread. For me, there is something refreshing laying in a fresh clean bed. Apparently, a gentle book is supposedly meant to help relax you too. I didn’t want to read anything too mind boggling so I settled for my Hollie McNish poetry book.

After 30 minutes of just relaxing and reading my book I felt ready to go to sleep,  I used the balm and spayed my pillow using the pillow spray. I suppose it isn’t so much the falling asleep I tend to have an issue with, more staying asleep. The first night using the balm, spray and relaxing techniques I did manage to sleep through. The second night, however, I struggle to get to sleep. I didn’t have time to make sure I relaxed and I think that played a major part of me actually falling and staying asleep.

Tips from bloggers

I have asked some other bloggers for their tips on how to get to sleep, here is what they said. I think a child free night would solve a few sleepless night problems!

Rebecca from My Girls and Me Site –  Stay off your phone 1 hour before bed. Let yourself and your mind relax. Try reading a book ?


Jade from Raising The Rings- Send the kids to the grandparents for the night

Ayse from ArePops – Limit caffeine! Remember it’s in chocolate too so not late night chocolate binges.


Lyndsey from Me, Him, the Dog and a baby – Ask your partner to sleep on the couch! Honestly had to do this a few days ago because he kept laying on my arm! 

Joanna from The Knight Tribe–  Guided meditation 

*I was sent the Feather and Down products*

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