Sands Alive Glow Review

Sands Alive Glow

It was whilst I was at BlogOn Uk that I first came across Sands Alive! On their stand, they had a large tray and I just couldn’t stop playing with it. It felt so soft and really relaxing just standing there playing with it. A few weeks later they got in touch to see if the boys would like to have a play and review it. I loved it and knew they would too so said yes. A few days later we received our Sands Alive set. It was Sands Alive Glow!

The boys were really excited! The set came with a Super Charger Pen which when pressed on the sand turned it glow in the dark! Pretty awesome eh? The set comes with 675grams of Glow Sand, Super Charger UV penlight, five mini moulds and a play tray to keep everything contained.The biggest selling points of Sands Alive is the sand doesn’t dry out! Like ever! So you can always play with it, That is if it doesn’t end up on the floor.

Sands Alive Glow costs £24.99 and is available in most toy shops or online stores such as Amazon.

Sands Alive Glow


We have just started to dabble in video so we made a little unboxing video. I filmed the entire thing before realising it was all blurry. I decided to go ahead and publish it because I wouldn’t be able to get their reactions to it again!


*We were sent this sample in return for an honest review. All photos, videos and opinions are our own*


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