Being prepared for all situations with SJ Works First Aid Kit

Since having children I have had to grow up so much. Who knew children were so much hard work! I have taken on so many roles my C.V would read

  • Cleaner,
  • Chef,
  • Behaviour Mentor,
  • Negotiator,
  • Bedtime administrator!

and as the boys get older one of my newest roles First Aider. The type of person I am means I like to prepare for almost any eventualities. A trip to our favourite park means making sure I pack spare clothes so they can play in the sand and water, Remembering Lunchboxes, water bottles and snack! Heaven forbid I forget something but the thing is I always do!

One of the things I really must remember to pack (but pretty much always forget) is a first aid kit. Could I be forgiven right? I mean why? Now, if you know my children like I know some of you do then you would know how accident prone they really are. Friends and I have countless times picked either Oliver or Arthur up from a fall outside the school gates. We often joke about the number of times they fall. There is nothing wrong with them. They are just clumsy kids, their head wants to be somewhere before their little feet can get them there. Resulting in numerous grazes, bumps and lots and lots of kisses and cuddles.

First Aid Kit on the go

Over the summer my plans were simple. To spend as much time out and about as possible mainly to try and tire the boys out but also because fresh air never harmed anybody. Growing up I was always outside and it is something I try to encourage the boys to do too. SJ Works sent me a couple of their first aid kits for when we are out and about. Pre-packed with pretty much everything you would need for a typical first aid emergency. One of which attaches to the bike and has a slot for mobile phones/ear phones too. Mark loved it and nabbed it for his bike which he uses every day! 

We found that this isn’t waterproof! so make sure to take it off whenever you leave the car. We learned the hard way and had to dry out as many items as we could!  


What’s included?

It is probably worth noting that the first aid manuals that come with the kits are all from the American Red Cross. I am not sure if they’re advice is what is recommended in the UK. In each of the first aid kits are plenty of bandages, plasters, micropore and antibacterial wipes. Also included are gloves too. In the Bicycle first aid kit, you also get a reflective slap band and also an extension lead for earphones. So you are able to pop your phone in the compartment and use the extension lead to comfortably be able to use the earphones.

It is probably also worth noting that the bicycle first aid kit is not waterproof. Mark had left his attached to the bike whilst at work and it rained heavily causing everything to become soaked. (Hence why the booklet isn’t pictured!)

If you are like me and like to be prepared then these are great! Attaching the first aid kit to the bike and going on a family bike ride means that if first aid is required the kit is easily accessible and to hand.

You can find the First Aid kits here;

* I was sent both first aid kits for the purpose of this review. But all opinions and photos are my own*

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