Phoenix Trading – Not just cards!

I love activity packs they are especially good to stock up on as you just never know! Phoenix Trading have a great selection of different activities aimed at children of all ages! If you were like me and just assumed they sold cards then you would be wrong!

Phoenix Trading

We were asked if we would like to complete some of their activity packs and of course said yes! Life can be pretty hectic the best of times so having an activity we can just bring out when needed is great. you get the picture home from school/work tired kids, dinner cooking they are getting restless? Grab an activity pack, sit them at the table and let their imaginations roll.

The activity packs we chose were;

  • Paper Dolls Bunting – Just the name is pretty awesome. It includes 20 cut out paper dolls and ribbon. You can literally use your imagination on these!
  • Holiday Fun Pack – There are 6 A4 sheets of paper each with a dun holiday theme design such as camping, sunglasses and sandcastles.
  • Colour in Tablecloth – The tablecloth (large piece of paper) is covered in some funky designs. There are animals, clothing, Stars, swirls and lots more! Enough to occupy literally anyone!
  • Funny Faces – There are 36 faces and lots of stickers of hats, glasses, speech bubbles and moustaches.

Paper Doll Bunting

These were really fun! There are 20 paper (well more like card) dolls all on perforated paper/card so they are easily removed. Each doll also has 2 small holes to thread the 4m ribbon through!

Colour in Tablecloth

Oliver loved finding different pictures and then colouring them in. He was especially excited to see a horse and love hearts! There is a whole mix of pictures to colour from dinosaurs to flowers.

Funny Faces

I think this will have to be my favourite! The stickers are all reusable so you can mix and match all the accessories. Literally can have so much fun with this!

Holiday Fun!

When I took these out of the pack Oliver instantly went for the ice cream! Jack went for Sandcastles and Arthur glasses.


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