The Perfume Shop – It’s all about the gifts!

I was recently given an exciting opportunity to attend an event at the Peterborough branch of The Perfume shop. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know a lot about perfume and fragrances. Despite working the Christmas period at Lush Cosmetics to me perfume is just perfume. When I arrived at Queensgate I  met up with the lovely blogger Naomi from Me Becoming Mum and my sister Tasha who blogs at Mummy and Moose. We all walked to the store together all wandering what to expect. We needn’t of worries as Sarah the manager was really welcoming and instantly made us feel at ease.



Having never been to a blogger event before I was really nervous. I had no idea on what to expect and what they expected of me but I shouldn’t have worried. Sarah offered us all some Mince pies which looked lovely and I would of had one but in all honesty I don’t like them. She then started the evening by telling us all about what we were going to be talking about throughout the evening.

Gifts at The Perfume Shop

The focus of the evening was all about Christmas Gifts and what The Perfume Shop had to offer. When it comes to buying gifts I am clueless. Give me children to buy for and I can probably ace that (a little) adults however and I haven’t a clue. This is where the Perfume shop excels and sets itself apart from pretty much most other shops.  The store has the opportunity to really help their customers by using an app called Fragrances of the world (developed by a bloke called Michael Edwards) and my gosh it is amazing.


The app has a humongous database which stores all fragrances the store sell. You only need a little bit of information to be able to use the app. The little bit of information such as a favourite fragrance/Ingredient or a particular smell (sweet/citrus) and the app can suggest different perfumes that the giftee may like. The app can also suggest alternative fragrances to the giftee’s classic. So if your mum/sister or friend likes for example Dior the app uses it’s  internal database to suggest some different brands/fragrances. Which is great if your giftee has tonnes of the same perfume and you want to spice their collection up a little.


Children’s Gifts

Being a mum one of the first questions I asked was about the range of children’s products. Jack is reaching the age where he likes to make a little more effort at the school disco and I thought I would be great to get him something. The Perfume shop child friendly gift sets range from My Little Pony and Disney Princesses to Star wars and Superman. There are even some of the gift sets that are Hypoallergenic and Alcohol free. Which is reassuring to know that it is fine to use on sensitive skin. The prices of the children’s gift sets start from £6.50 to £10 which makes them a great present or a stocking filler.


Stocking Filles and Hampers

When I think of The Perfume Shop I just imagine a shop full of bottles of perfume and gift sets and to be honest it is. But there is also some emphasis on smaller gifts too this year such as the Ghost baubles (£8) , Eyebrow pallets (£4.99) and also Eye shadow pallets too (£4.99)  these make great secret Santa presents or stocking fillers. There is a free gift wrap service too for those who are not all that keen on wrapping their own gifts. You can also buy a range of gift bags priced at £1.

Perfume gift sets

So if you are anything like me and you receive a perfume gift set 9 times out of 10 you also receive body lotion. Now I have no idea about body lotion? When would you need to use it? Apparently there is thing called ” Layering”. It works with the perfume together creating a longer lasting smell. I will find out more about layering and let you know. A lot of the top brands have started to offer alternative gifts alongside their perfume. Some sets come with a scented candle or a mirror or a small compact purse friendly perfume, which is fab!


The Perfume shop also now stock an Advent calendar. Which is great alternative to chocolate as you can enjoy a range of make up every day on the run up to Christmas.


There are so many offers to take advantage off too many to list. It really is worth a visit if you are in town and need to buy gifts for others or for yourself. The ladies in the shop really know their stuff which is great as it puts you at ease. You know that what you are buying is going to be enjoyed and I can not wait to go back!

Thank you Sarah and the team!



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