Nikko VelociTrax Remote Control

Over the past few years, we have had our fair share of remote control cars to play with. 9/10 they tend to get broken within a couple of weeks due to Oliver and Arthur getting hold of them and ripping the ariels off! As they are now older and more understanding of how they work, they tend to appreciate them better. So when we were sent a Nikko VelociTrax to review I was confident they wouldn’t break it.

Nikko VelociTrax

The first thing I noticed when we received the VelociTrax was the wheels, even more so the lack of them. The Nikko VelociTrax uses tracks which helps to give it super traction. The battery pack is included and does need an initial charge. The Nikko VelociTrax says it lasts for 20 minutes and due to quick charge charger it only takes an hour to charge. Gone are the days of having to wait hours to charge up! Or go through endless amounts of batteries.

Nikko VelociTrax

The Nikko VelociTrax can reach speeds up to 9 miles per hour and has a range of up to 40meters! It worked especially well when we took it to the park for a family BBQ. The uneven grass, dirt path tracks and the roads were no obstacles for the VelociTrax.

Nikko VelociTrax

Overall Jack was super impressed with the different terrains. Even when the tracks started to shift slightly off position it was really easy to put right and put back in place. The battery seemed to last the whole 20 minutes, if not probably a little longer. We have taken it out and about with us and due to not having any sticking out ariels it makes it easier to store and pack away. Nikko VelociTrax

The Nikko VelociTrax is available from Argos, Smyths Toy Shop and Amazon and is available at £29.99

*We were gifted the Nikko VelociTrax in return for an honest review


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