Mother’s Day with Love Layla Designs

Mother’s Day with Love Layla Designs

Mother’s Day is around the corner and so far the presents are sorted for both mum’s! Without giving too much away (just in case they read this) it includes something that smells nice. Along with something that taste’s great and it may or may not be featuring in my gift guide. One thing I do tend to do and that is leave the card buying to the last minute. More often than not it is a quick stop at the shop en route to their visit and whatever is left over is what they get. Thankfully this year Love Layla Designs have me covered and with free First class delivery you can get it sorted too!

Getting to know Love Layla

If you haven’t heard of Love Layla Designs and their incredibly witty occasion cards then where have you been hiding? Love Layla Designs started as a way for mum to be Stacey to make money during her maternity leave in 2014. After a successful Valentine’s campaign in 2015 it grew and grew. Stacey who gave birth to a little girl called Layla grew the business with help from her husband Jay, Brother Stuart and best friend Vikki. More recently Stacey’s brother in law Jonny and their family friend Ross has joined in to help! So it is truly a family affair and everyone has their own role.

Love Layla Designs - Meet the team

As a consumer I love buying from smaller shops as you know the money is helping them directly. Despite Love Layla designing and producing hundreds of products they are still very much as the heart of it.

Love Layla’s Range

Love Layla originally started with Cards and have now branched out to other products such as Calendars, badges and wine labels. You can also buy wrapping paper featuring quotes that can match the ones on the cards. We were sent a selection of Mother’s Day cards, a calendar and a wine bottle label for review.

Selection of products from Love Layla Designs

When they arrived I read each card aloud to Mark I knew we were given a great selection. Some of the quotes are bit more ‘Out there’ than I would personally use, but the majority are fab!

Selection of Love Layla Designs Mother's Day Cards

I am really looking forward to handing these out to our mum’s this year and seeing the reaction on their faces! Orders close on 6th March for Mother’s Day products so make sure to order early! (Don’t forget their free first class delivery!)


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