Morphy Richards Prepstar Food Processor

When Mark and I moved into our first home the kitchen was tiny. There wasn’t much room to maneuverer and we had no where to store appliances. When we moved into our current home one of the things I was looking forward too was our new kitchen. The kitchen being twice if not three times as big as our previous one it meant I could buy all the appliances! However 3 years down the line and I have amassed quite a collection. Well all that may be changing thanks to for sending me the Morphy Richards Prepstar Food Processor!

Morphy Richards Prepster Food Processor

Morphy Richards Prepstar Food Processor

One of the best features, well I think one of the best, is that everything stores within itself. There is no need to have a drawer of accessories! The food Processor comes with the main bowl, lid, food chute and pusher that you would expect. But it also comes with a whole array of accessories! Which makes it one very useful appliance.

  • Storage Bowl
  • Grater Disc
  • Grater/Slicer Holder
  • Grater Disc Adapter
  • Grater Blade
  • Slicing Blade
  • Fine Grater Blade
  • Beater
  • Chopping Blade
  • Whisk

I had been begging for years for my husband to buy me a stand mixer and I love it! However it is big and it does take up space, the Prepstar however comes with everything needed to replace the stand mixer.  I wanted to give it a good test run and one way to do that was to bake a cake!

Morphy Richards Prepster Food Processor

Putting the Prepstar to the test!

Prepping for the cake was really easy. Within the instruction manual there are several recipes for lots of different foods. For example there was a recipe to make Pesto, Pizza Dough, Veggie Burgers, Falafal as well as a Victoria Sponge. As well as recipes for food it also shares information on grinding coffee beans and meat, or chopping nuts! All possible with the Prepstar. The Victoria Sponge recipe I followed was the one within the manual.


  • 175g soft butter or margarine (butter will produce a richer mix)
  • 175g Caster Sugar
  • 4 large eggs (weigh eggs in shells then use the same weight)
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 175g self-raising flour


  1. Place the butter or margarine, sugar, baking powder and flour in the mixing bowl with its beater. Remove the food chute to allow as much air into the mix as possible.
  2. Process until the mixture is creamed together
  3. Break in the eggs and process for a further 10-15 seconds



The whole recipe was really simple to follow and within 5 minutes I had a quick smooth mixture ready to pour into my baking tin. The cake was delicious and Mark and the boys loved it!

Morphy Richards Prepster Food Processor

Overall experiences

I really enjoyed the Morphy Richards Prepstar Food Processor and found everything really easy to understand. It got me really excited to bake again and as it doesn’t take much space it fits perfect in my cupboard. Due to all the different accessories it makes a lot of other small appliances a little useless which for small kitchens is fantastic!

*We were sent Morphy Richards Prepstar Food Processor in exchange for an honest review


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