MiniMaster Football

When we were asked if Jack would like to try the MiniMaster Football game, I of course said yes. Jack is pretty much like your average 8 year old if his head isn’t stuck playing games, it’s watching them on T.V. I am always trying to find games that are not electronic and that involve an element of thinking, this game has that.

MiniMaster Football

The MiniMaster Football game combines skill, tactics and the chance to re-create the game at 1:8 scale. The box contains everything you need to play 2 fun and challenging games which can be played by either one player or two.

What’s in the box

What's in the box - MiniMaster Football

In the box you receive –

1 x 1:8 scale MiniMaster Footballer with a realistic kicking leg

1 x Pull-lever Action Wand

1 x Eye2Ball shot training aid

1 x Goal with net. The goal measures an impressive (W) 70cm x (H) 30cm x (D) 15cm

1 x Target Screen

1 x Gameboard with a spinning pointer

1 x Anglefinder/defensive wall

5 x Lightweight Footballs

1 x Marker Tape that measures 4M

5 x Position Markers

1 x Display stand

and finally a set of instructions.

Setting up

It is really simple to set up and start playing and all you need to do is follow a couple of easy steps.

  1. Attaching the Game Wand – Hold the footballer upright and draw the kicking leg back as far as you can, pull the switch (on the players back) up and insert the Game Wand into the hole on the players back. The wand can be rotated to make it easier for Right and Left handed players (which is fantastic, as Jack is left handed it is often overlooked).
  2. The Goal is also really easy to put together. Lay the longest piece on the floor and attach the sides one by one.
  3. When using the Target Screen it attaches really easy to the front of the goal by clips. Simply attach the clips on the goal poles and gently pull them off when it is no longer in use.

The Footballer

One of the great things about the set is how the footballer can be used even when you are not playing.

MiniMaster Footballer

Within the box you also receive a display stand which holds the footballer in place, alongside the football. Perfect for Jack to put his footballer on his shelf beside his lego.

The other great thing about the footballer is it is customisable and can be painted to any team colours. Jack loves Peterborough United and we are currently waiting to see what the home kit colours are going to be this season before he paints him.

Penalty Shoot-Out

Penalty Shoot-out - MiniMaster Football

Jack personally loved this game (other than just free play), it was really simple to attach the target screen to the goal frame. This can be played as a single player or you can also take it in turns with others.

Simply spin the pointer on the gameboard to determine which hole to aim for, the smaller the hole the higher the points. The points are scored by successfully shooting through the target holes.

Free Kick Game

To play the Free Kick Game spin the pointer on the gameboard to determine the angle and distance each kick needs to be taken from. This is where the angle finder, Eye2Ball shot training aid and the marker tape will come in handy. It took Jack a little while to get the hang of this game and he did eventually just prefer to shoot the balls into the goal. However when he had friends/cousins over they enjoyed playing together.

Overall Jack really enjoyed playing and loved it when he had others to play with. It is a great game to play when we are stuck in doors and let’s face it with British weather that’s pretty often.

It is a great game to play with either by yourself or with a group and when it isn’t being played with, the display stand ensures there is somewhere safe to store.

You can buy the MiniMaster Football game from Amazon, the link is an affiliate link which means if you choose to buy it, I will earn a small referral fee.

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