Meegos and Mini Meegos

For the past couple of years I have tried to be more conscious of what I am buying. This means that I find myself buying more and more Fairtrade products. Fairtrade is a global movement which ensures farmers and workers have an equal say when it comes to their products. One product which is Fairtrade certified are the new Meegos.



Meegos are a brand new Fairtrade certified handmade collectible. We were sent a couple of Meegos and Mini Meegos from series one, which are based on Dogs & Pups. My 3 boys are obsessed when it comes to soft toys and every single one they own has it’s own home. Seriously, they are taking up so much space that we have recently had to install a rotation for the ones on their bed.

Inspired by Amigurumi which is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. The word is made blending up 2 Japanese words Ami (which means crocheted or knitted) and the work nuigurumi (which means stuffed doll). Each Meego and the Mini Meego is hand made by a villager in Bangladesh. This is what makes them so incredible! Currently there are over 200 villages in Bangladesh which are working through a non-profit Fairtrade organisation. The Organisation provides sustainable, regular and flexible employment to women. Currently series one has created jobs for more than 4000 women.

Series 1 – Dogs & Pups

There are 6 breeds of 5 inch Meegos to collect as well as 12 different Mini Meego puppies. The Mini Meegos are all in blind boxes so it will be a big surprise as to which one you will receive. If you are lucky you maybe the new owner of a pup from one of 3 limited edition families. Each limited edition family has one five inch dog and two smaller puppies to collect. There is also a great website you can go too, to unlock the personalities and habitats of each Meego and Mini Meego and you can also start to build their family tree.

Mini Meego

Meego and Mini Meego can be found in Sainsbury’s and Debenham stores. The Five inch Meego costs £12.99 and the smaller blind boxed Meego costs £6.99

Our thoughts

The boys absolutely loved opening the boxes of the Mini Meego and seeing which pup they had. Although they already had names the boys were quick to change them and couldn’t wait to show them their rooms. They were a big hit!


*The boys were sent their Meegos and Mini Meegos in exchange for this post.


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