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The Magic Fairy Worry Plaque

A couple of months back I was talking to my sister and she had mentioned that she brought her daughter The Magic Fairy Worry Plaque. She was telling me how it worked and how it helped her daughter to overcome some anxiety. I will be honest and say I was feeling all apprehensive how it would work. On social media, the following weeks and I saw more and more posts about the worry plaque and how good it was. The reviews were great! When I was given the opportunity to review The Magic Fairy Worry Plaque I said yes.

Magic Fairy Worry Plaque

Arthur has always been quiet. Ever since he was a baby he has never been to sure of things and looks to me or his dad for support. When he started Playschool November last year his confidence seemed to have tumbled. Some days he would go in quite happy but the majority of the times its fighting a battle. From the 2 minute walk from dropping his brothers off to playschool all, i would hear was “I don’t want to go to playschool”, “I’ll be good mummy!”. It broke my heart!

At this point, Arthur was going to playschool and to a Toddler Group on Monday. We stopped attending Toddler Group in the hope that he would be happier on the days we went to playschool. It worked! but it didn’t last. I was on the brink of despair contemplating on removing him from playschool. Something I really didn’t want to do.

The worry plaque has arrived!

The Magic Fairy Worry Plaque arrived on Tuesday and we started to use it Wednesday. As soon as we put the batteries in the handprint lit up red. Arthur at first wasn’t sure of it and to be honest he brushed it to one side. Along with The Magic Fairy Worry Plaque, we also received JoJo Arthur’s new Fairy Friend. Arthur took an immediate shine with him and at 12 inches tall he isn’t a small fairy either. When Mark came home we both sat with him and we talked a little more about the worry plaque. After daddy tried it, Arthur was all over it!

You place your hand into the handprint on the plaque. There is a small sensor where the bottom of your palm sits which activates the magic. Across the top of the plaque is a little rhyme which says

“A Fairy’s magic, changes red to green, gone are your worries, never to be seen”

In the time it takes for you to read this the light changes and the fairies take away the worry.

Magic Fairy Worry Plaque

On Thursday Arthur went into playschool and everything was okay. There wasn’t anything in particular that made that day any different. He came home and was happy. He played a few more times with the plaque. Friday morning he was so much more happier! He played with a couple of his friends whilst waiting for the doors to open to playschool. He walked in showing a lot more confidence. I picked him and his key worker was beaming at me! “Arthur has had a great day! Playing with a couple of children TOGETHER!” This was big news! Arthur has a couple of friends but without adult interaction, he is more a solo player.

Has it worked?

Over the weekend Arthur played with JoJo more and every now and again he would go to the plaque. He wouldn’t say anything or make us aware it was something he would just do. Mark and I decided he wasn’t going to attach the worry plaque to the wall (it comes with wall plugs etc needed) we were just going to leave it as it is. For Arthur, it works fine this way.

Tuesday comes and again he is happier playing with a couple of friends before playschool opens. He walked a lot more happier and when I picked him up his key worker did the same thumbs up! I asked him what had changed, and he said and I quote

“Because all my worries have been taken away!”

Arthur has become so much more confident in going to playschool. He is interacting more with his friends and is overall happiness has improved! He isn’t as worried as he once was and when it comes to playschool he simply has no worries at all! This is down to The Magic Fairy Worry Plaque!

Magic Fairy Worry Plaque


Would you like to win your own Magic Fairy Worry Plaque worth £19.95

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  1. Anneka Avery
    28th November 2017 / 8:17 am

    Amazing giveaway and such a unique idea! I’m really impressed ?? If I won I would give it to my neighbours daughter as she’s only 5 but is having a hard time at school

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