Little House of Science

Both Jack and Oliver are naturally curious especially when it is about the world around us. They love learning and they become so enthusiastic. Classes like the ones Little House of Science offer are great at nurturing that curiosity. They don’t just cover science but they also offer Maths class for kids too.

Little House of Science

Little House of Science enforces STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics) in a fun, project based way. It works because children can connect with science from an early age. Babies as young as 6 months are welcome to join in and play in a learning environment. I think you can agree it is different to what is currently available in most places.

They currently offer the following classes

little house of science

Little Discovery (6-24 months) – a fab way to introduce babies to the world around us. Each week is a different theme and the babies are invited to explore and investigate through textures, shapes, colours and sounds. The different themes range from butterflies, plants and stars to dinosaurs, penguins and numbers.

Maths class for kids

Little Maths, Rhythm & Shapes (2-4years) – Little Maths builds on the foundations children already foster.  Such as sorting colours in different piles. The class uses props, rhythm, music and games to help children understand what they’re actions represent. Each week is a new theme and helps children to gain confidence in numbers, colours and shapes.

Little Science (3-8years) – Little Science is weekly project based class which includes interactive talks, experiments and a take home project. The sizes of the class are all small so the each child can really focus and achieve! Each week is a different theme covering life, earth, Brain and Electromagnetism.

Big Science (8-11 years) – This class expands on what is learnt in the Little Science classes.

“Little House of Science’s blend of techniques helps create a unique learning environment, which stimulates their enthusiasm to learn more about our world and the role science plays in everything that we encounter.”

Little House of Science is currently available in London, Southampton and Buckinghamshire but offers franchise opportunities too so you can bring the classes to your city.



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