Hotpoint Chefplus MWH27321B

When we moved into our current home I fell in love with my kitchen. It was double the size of our old one and there was so much worktop. I felt spoiled, I was in love. Then when we unpacked and set out all our kitchen appliances, it suddenly felt rather small. Our very large, white, over baring microwave stood out like a sore thumb. Mark wanted to keep it and I wanted to get rid. Other than cooking Jacket Potatoes we didn’t use it, and that wasn’t very often.

So, like usual, I won that conversation and we gave our microwave away to someone desperate for one. Good deed done. As the weeks, months and years passed i didn’t really miss the microwave, and neither did Mark. Then every now and again there would be something that would crop up that made me think “oh I wish I had one”. Like when we went through our Harry Potter film marathon and we could have done with some microwave popcorn. Or, when we had meal planned jacket potatoes but because i forgot to put the oven on by a certain time we couldn’t have them.

Hotpoint Chefplus MWH27321B recently sent us a new microwave, this one was black and although the same size. It didn’t feel so overbearing like the last one. The Microwave is a Hotpoint oven and grill. Unpacking it, I couldn’t wait to get started. For the past few weeks the boys have been eating more porridge and scrambled egg, quicker than I can make it on the hob. Within 10 minutes of pulling the Styrofoam off the sides and setting it all up, we had a scrambled egg cooking away.

The Microwave comes with a Turntable support, Glass Turntable, Wire Rack, Crisp plate and a Crisp Handle. It was super easy to set up and all we had to do was pop the turntable support and glass turntable inside. There are literally so many great functions that nearly 2 weeks on we haven’t used them all. The main uses so far for the microwave for us has been Jacket Potatoes, Popcorn, Scrambled egg, reheating food and we also used the grill function for Cheese on Toast.

Hotpoint Chefplus MWH27321B

The Hotpoint Microwave also features a Start Protection/Child Lock function. In theory I don’t think this will be needed as the boys are pretty savvy around the kitchen. However I do have younger nieces and nephews so just having the option there is pretty handy. The Start Protection/Child Lock is an automatic function and is activated one minute after the microwave has hit “Stand by”. The feature means that the microwave will not be able to start until you have opened and closed the door.

Another pretty handy function I didn’t realise I needed was the Pause cooking mode. Which is great if you need to add/stir or check on the food midway. Just opening the door activates the function and it will keep the maintained setting for 5 minutes. Which is plenty of time to be able to check and do what you need to do.

Jet Start

Jet Start allows the microwave to heat up before placing food inside. It uses the maximum power (800Watt) and heats up for 30 seconds. I have found this setting invaluable for reheating my cup of tea. If you need a little longer you can just press the button again for another 30 second boost.


The Microwave has it’s own function which is used to quickly cook or reheat food and drinks. It is really simple to use and everything is a push of a button. You can alter the power by using the + and – buttons and it ranges from 90Watts to 800Watts. You can also set the cooking times by using the + and – buttons too. We found we mainly used the 800Watt power as it was sufficient for what we needed it for; reheating drinks etc.


Although we have a grill as part of our cooker we haven’t actually used it. The cooker was brand new and when we first turned the grill on we were hit with an over powering smell so we just didn’t use it. Having the microwave for a couple of weeks and the grill setting is used, just as much as the main microwave oven. We found the Grill perfect for Cheese Toasties and Cheese and Tomato Wraps. It has been really lovely having the use of a microwave again. I


suppose it isn’t until you don’t have something do you actually begin to miss it! I am really looking forward to learning new recipes and making the most of it! No longer will my microwave just be an unused appliance on the side, gathering dust.


*We were sent the Microwave in exchange for an honest review


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