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We were sent Hape’s George Luck Artic Animals puzzle for Oliver to review and I can hand on heart say he loved it! When it comes to animals Oliver is a gentle giant. Anything animal related and the care Oliver shows can melt your heart. Hape’s George Luck Artic Animals puzzle is no different. From the moment he saw the cute polar bears, walrus and whale on the front to the seals in the puzzle below he was smitten. He couldn’t wait to open the box and make a start.

Artic Animals Hape Puzzle

Hape’s George Luck Artic Animals Puzzle

The Artic Animals puzzle is a two layer 34 piece puzzle which shows a wintery animal scene. Oliver’s first impression was one of eagerness he literally couldn’t wait to rip open the box and get started.


Artic Animals Hape Puzzle    Artic Animals Hape Puzzle

Using the image on the back of the box he started to work out where the pieces went. Oliver turns 6 this year and there are some parts of the puzzle he really struggled with. I like toys which challenges him and the puzzle certainly does! For an RRP of £13 it is good value too! The Puzzle aims to encourage children to develop their hand and eye coordination as well as problem solving. There are no guides drawn on the puzzle base guiding you so they really have to try and work out where it goes.

Artic Animals Hape Puzzle


Oliver really did enjoy completing the puzzle and the sense of achievement he got when he placed the final piece was great! Oliver says ” It was good, it has polar bears and whales!! I found the puzzle tricky to finish but I can’t wait to do it again!”

Artic Animals Hape Puzzle

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