The Famous Five – The Adventure Game App

The Famous Five – The Adventure Game App

One of my favourite past times is reading. Give me a good book (and the time of course) and I am more than happy to be whisked away in whatever lurks in the pages. Enid Blyton is a world-renowned author and her books have been read millions of times! They can be found in any bookshop, Library, schools and even a couple can be found in a supermarket! This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the “Famous Five” series, and to help celebrate it in style an app has been created. Award-winning APP developer Kuato Studios has created The Famous Five – The Adventure Game app for £2.99. It is currently only available on IOS.

The Famous Five - The Adventure Game App

Parental Controls aka The Grown Up’s Corner

The app is super easy to navigate and features a Dyslexic function button so players can change the font and in the parental controls (Grown ups Corner) you can even add a coloured screen overlay. Within the Grown up’s corner (which is also password protected) you can alter the length of time you would like your child to play, receive an email to let you know your child has created a new story (something which can be read together later) and also get handy help and advice about the game. The app doesn’t have any in-app purchasing or advertising either it is just the game!

The game

The app is a mystery game and suitable for children aged 7/8+. Jack is 8 and enjoys playing whereas Oliver doesn’t seem that interested in it (he is 6) You can choose to play any of the famous five characters, Julian, Dick, Anne George or even Timmy the Dog. You can also explore famous locations such as Kirrin Island too. There is one big mystery as well as mini-games and puzzles and they all help to contribute to solving the big mystery. The mini-games are designed to help test and develop problem-solving skills as well as memory and logic skills. You need to use all the clues to be able to solve the mystery and get back home. Once the mystery is solved a story is created and can be read by the player and shared with parents.

The Famous Five - The Adventure Game App

What we thought

Jack really enjoyed the game! The Idea of being able to go on an adventure and create his own story excited him. Up to this point, he hadn’t heard of Enid Blyton or any of her books so this was a great way to introduce her stories to another generation and one that will be so technology focused too! Having no apps or in-app purchase certainly made it easier to let Jack relax and play without the added stress of clicking on something he shouldn’t have!

The Famous Five - The Adventure Game App

I think the game will do incredibly well, we certainly enjoyed it and I think a lot of other children would too!

*This is a collaborative post, all photos and opinions are our own.


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