Ezee Beads – Vehicles

There are beads similar to this on the market but they all seem to require the use of an iron. I admittedly don’t own an iron and haven’t since I stopped living with my mum. Jack and Oliver both often mention having some of these beads but have always had to say no. That is until I came across Ezee Beads. Ezee Beads don’t need the use of an iron to connect the beads together but they use water.

What is in the box?

Included in the box for the Ezee Beads Vehicle ranges are;

  • Instruction Manual
  • Selection of the beads – Enough to complete 2 vehicles
  • Wheels
  • Plastic tray insert – To keep the beads together and to make using them easier
  • a Plastic Bead Tray
  • Plastic Pegs
  • Bead Tool – To help ease the dried beads of the tray
  • Water Sprayer Bottle
  • Design Cards


Making the Vehicles

Oliver wanted to get started and make the trucks as soon as the kits arrived. To help him get started I slid the Design card under the bead tray. It helped that there were handy pieces underneath which helped to secure the design cards. What didn’t help as I had initially put the card in without checking that each of the plastic bead holders was in line with the design. It meant of course that once we figured out a bead couldn’t fit we had to start again. However, Oliver didn’t mind he used it to his advantage and sorted the beads again.

Building the vehicles

Once the beads are in place, Oliver found it really fun to spray the beads wet. Once soaked, then you have to leave for 30 minutes for the beads to dry. Sometimes depending on how wet it gets then you may also have to wait a little longer. There is a little tip to pop the bead tray onto a radiator as it will dry quicker. The design on the card means that once the first lot has dried then you need to make another section, wet it and then wait a further 30 minutes or until dry. The beads are also rather fragile at first, we found we often had to re-wet, wait to dry before we can take it off in one piece.

Ezee Beads

Once all the sections are dry, then use the plastic bead tool to help prise the pieces of the tray. A little bit of advice would be to take it slow and don’t rush it. The next step would be to use the white rods to start building the truck. On the design cards, it tells you what the name of each section is called. The back of the box has a little guide to show how to place the rods through. It does take a little time to do as you need to stick 2 pieces together on both sides of the truck, then those pieces get stuck together to create 1 truck. Once you attach the wheels you are left with a pretty fab truck with moveable wheels that can be played with anywhere!

Ezee Bead Vehicles


Oliver really enjoyed playing with the Ezee Beads and couldn’t wait to make them. The time it takes to dry did take awhile but there are ways you can speed it up, for example placing on a radiator. I was rather impressed with how the truck looked at the end, it felt like it could withstand 5/6-year-old play.



One winner will receive both the Trucks and Emergency Vehicle’s Ezee Beads set! To enter use the rafflecopter below. Also, make sure to read the T&C’s

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