Enjoy coffee Anytime and Anywhere with Lyons Coffee Bags

“I like Lyon’s Coffee Bags!
I do! I like them, Jaymee-I-am!
And I would drink it in a boat!
And I would drink it with a goat.
And I will drink it in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
I will drink it EVERYWHERE!”

Lyons Coffee Bags

If and when we go places for any length of time the chances are Mark will make a flask of tea to take with him. I am not saying I dislike tea but that isn’t my drink of choice. Coffee, I am a coffee drinker through and through and not the instant type. Nothing makes me happier than making my self a cup of coffee using ground coffee beans in my French press. The aroma that fills my kitchen sends me to my happy place! But in all honesty it can be faff! Sometimes it isn’t quick and easy as chucking it in a cup, leaving to brew and then throwing away. This is where Lyons coffee bags come in.

Lyons Coffee Bags

Each coffee bag uses freshly roasted and ground coffee beans and then placed in individual foil wrapped packets to lock in the freshness.  One thing that is obvious when it comes to Lyons Coffee Bags is the size. They are twice the size as standard tea bags but this isn’t an issue. It just means there is more space for the coffee to move around to get a lovely tasting brew. Lyons Coffee comes in 4 different strengths with the No3 being “Rich and Full Bodied.”

lyons coffee bag

Using Lyons Coffee Bags

It as simple as 1,2,3.

  1. Place one Lyons Coffee bag into your cup of choice
  2. Pour in boiling water
  3. Leave for a few minutes (longer you leave it in, the stronger the taste)
  4. Remove the bag and stir

See, simple!

Anywhere, Anytime!

With Lyons coffee bags it makes it easier to be enjoyed wherever you may be going. On long car journeys, on the school run, and in meetings.

Lyons Coffee Bags* This post is in collaboration with Lyons Coffee Bags*

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