International Tabletop Gaming Day – Don’t be a Donkey

Saturday 28th April is International Tabletop Gaming Day. A worldwide celebration of all things tabletop gaming! With this in mind, we were sent Don’t be a Donkey to review. Don’t be a Donkey is fast-paced card swapping game from Ideal Games.

Don’t be a Donkey

Don't be a donkey box

The boys couldn’t wait to get the game open and have a play. Not like some games, this one is really easy to set up, pretty much as soon as you place the donkey ears on the headband you are ready to go. It makes it such a great contender when choosing a pretty quick game to play. At first, the headbands did feel rather tight and Arthur did complain a little that it hurt, but I think it was probably a tight feeling rather than actually causing him pain. Within about 5 minutes of wearing them, he seemed to be okay and he hasn’t complained since.

In the box

Inside the box you receive,

4 Donkey headbands

4x pairs of donkey ears

1x Donkey mouthpiece

16x cards,

3x carrots

How to Play

The game is really simple to play, be the first to collect all 4 matching cards. The first person to collect matching cards then shouts “Donkey”, everyone really quickly rushes to pick up a carrot and you do need to be quick as there isn’t enough for everyone. If like me you find yourself without a carrot then you have to bring one of the ears upright.

Everyone takes it in turns to discard one of their cards (the ones that won’t make your set) and place it face down to the player on their right. Once everyone has done this, everyone then picks up the card on their left. Hopefully, it is a card you will need to help complete your set, but if not then you can use this on your next round and pass it to the player on your left.

The boys loved the nose mask of the donkey, and by the end of playing altogether, we must have each worn the mask countless times. When it was just Oliver and Jack playing then all you need to do is remove 2 of the carrots, you need to play with 1 less than the number of players. 2 players – 1 carrot, 3 players – 2carrots, 4 players – 3 carrots.

Arthur (4) found the whole game hilarious! Every time one of the boys lost we would all make “Hee Haw” noises. It is refreshing to play a game that doesn’t need batteries and can be played anywhere really easily.

Where to buy

Don’t be a Donkey is available from most retailers and has an RRP of £19.99, you can currently pick it up for £14.40* from Amazon.

3 children playing Don't be a Donkey

*We were sent Don’t be a Donkey for review*

This post contains an affiliate link, if you go on to buy the game then I earn a small amount of commission.

*Price correct at the time of publishing.

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