Dick Whittington – Christmas Panto

All I can say is wow! If you haven’t been to this years Pantomime at the Key Theatre then please go! I haven’t been to a panto since I was a little girl but I do hold fond memories of my visits Mark and I have wanted to take the boys but knowing when they are old enough can be pretty hard to determine. We don’t have lots of excess cash either so we wanted to wait until we knew Arthur could sit through the show and we knew they would all enjoy it. This year my mum (aka Grandma Chicken, long story) brought us all tickets to Dick Whittington for Christmas. Mark and I knew about them for the past few months but we kept it quiet from the boys and we wanted to surprise them!

The day before the Panto and the boys behaviour went downhill! I didn’t want to take them and I was really dreading the visit. Our elf on the shelf scout elves were staying at the north pole as Santa must of felt the boys were undeserving of a visit. The boys were not listening and all I wanted to do was hide away. Luckily the morning of the Panto the boys behaviour changed and they were so well behaved and the elves returned! The boys were excited to see what mischief they had been up to and Sat on their lap were the tickets for the show.

Tonight’s the night for the Panto

Christmas Panto

Dick Whittington is the show and Key Theatre is the venue and we were all so excited! Curtains up was at 4pm so we set off at 3 to allow plenty of time for traffic. Parking is via a council owned car park and your looking at under £5 to pay. Once within the key the main stage is upstairs. As soon as we walked up the stairs the boys spotted all the light up wands and swords etc. The most expensive item were the swords at £4.50 each. The member of staff made sure they were all working before he handed them over too even going through 6 to make sure Oliver received a working pink one. My mum had booked our seats so we knew where we were going to be sat which was really handy.


A modern take on a classic novel!

Think you know the story of Dick Whittington and how he became mayor of London? Brad Fitts wonderful take on the novel will have you in fits of laughter! Jack and Oliver were entranced from as soon a Fairy Bow-Bells took to the stage with her wonderful smiley cheery nature to Jack the cook’s son who is always soo chirpy. Arthur loved the colours of the stage and really loved the music. The whole performance was seamless. Oliver became slightly concerned over Queen Rat who every time took to the stage the light became dim and a lot of bass through the speakers. He did although love to BOO rat off stage and every time the little rats he boo’ed them too.

The best thing about Panto’s is the crowd interaction! The way they incorporate you into the show. If you sit on the aisle seats and have a spare seat be warned a few of the actors may come and sit with you. Oliver loved this! Also worth noting you will get wet! Just how wet will depend how close you are sitting to the stage. We were on row D and it was pretty wet! The boys became more and more involved as the show went on and I loved hearing Jack sing “Meow meow” at the end!


We absolutely loved the show! The actors and actresses all excelled and it was just fantastic! I can’t actually put into words how the boys and I enjoyed ourselves without using the same words over and over. The Pantomime was great, fun, energetic, involved and just plain funny.

Jack at the end said and I quote “Mum I loved it! Can we come back again tomorrow?” I don’t think he quite realises pantomime’s are a yearly show.


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