Candy Grand’O Vita gvs1610th/1-80 – New Washing Machine Day!

Mark and I had agreed once Arthur was out of cloth nappies then we would get a new washing machine. Our current one is 8 years old and due to the constant use, we have had to have it repaired 3 times. In fact, I think we spent more on repairs than the machine is worth. As Arthur was in cloth nappies we relied heavily on it, as it wasn’t like we could drop off dirty nappies to family/friends to wash for us. With 3 boys if it wasn’t cloth nappies then it was clothes, school uniform, towels, bedding and everything else! The washing machine is in constant use and also on its last legs. asked if we would like to review the Candy Grand’O Vita gvs1610th/1-80

Candy Grand’O Vita gvs1610th/1-80

As you can see from the photo the main display unit is a touch sensitive panel along with a dial to alter the cycles. Over a couple of weeks, we have been using it I have found that sometimes the panel isn’t that sensitive so you have to touch multiple times but in reality that is nothing. The machine more than makes up for that and that is literally the only thing I could find “fault” with. I am in love with it! The clothes come out great and because of the amazing KG detector the right amount of water is being used. The clothes come out of the machine and because they are not overly dripping it doesn’t take long to dry. Which for us is a massive bonus!

The display is where you can set the spin speed, wash temperature, stain levels and steam indicator. It can also tell you how long is left of the current cycle and also when the door is locked. There is a child lock on this machine but for us this isn’t an issue.

One of the best features on Candy Grand’O Vita gvs1610th/1-80 is the huge 10KG drum. We can literally wash all the school clothes in one load. We have had a few bouts of illness in the house so it is also handy to know that if anything was to happen on our Kingsize quilt then we can wash it! The Candy Grand’O Vita gvs1610th/1-80 has several other features too such as;

  • 24-hour delay timer
  • A+++ energy rating
  • 15 wash programmes
  • 1600RPM Max speed spin
  • 14,30 and 59 quick wash cycles
  • On certain cycles, you can adjust the stain level, which either increases/decreases the water consumption

but one of my favourite features is the Smart Touch.

Smart Touch

Smart Touch is a fabulous piece of technology built into the Candy Grand’O Vita gvs1610th/1-80 washing machine. By downloading the Smart Touch App you can sync your mobile phone with the washing machine. Within the app, you can see the health level of the machine, how many cycles the machine has run and the total time it has run too. The app also tells you when you need to clean the filters and run a cleaning cycle. You can also run a diagnostic cycle to help identify any problems. The Smart Touch also has Voice Assistant which is a guide to help with choosing the ideal cycles with only three voice inputs (clothes/fabrics, colour, stain level)

Wash cycles

There are 15 wash cycles

  • EcoMix20
  • Coloured 40
  • Baby Care
  • Daily 59 Min
  • Rapid (14,30,44)
  • Hand/silk
  • Wool
  • Rinse
  • Drain+Spin
  • Delicates
  • Synthetics
  • Cottons **
  • Whites
  • Easy Iron and
  • Smart Touch

Within the manual is a list of the cycles and what each one can do. Such as the EcoMix20 washes on a maximum temperature of 20degrees. You can wash different fabrics and colours too. It uses less energy than a typical cotton wash (around 40%less) so makes it more of an economical option.


Overall the Candy Grand’O Vita gvs1610th/1-80 is an absolutely fabulous machine! It is equipped with a variety of different functions some you would come to expect from a washing machine and others are wonderful bonuses. The Smart Touch function is great! I love that I can set a reminder to clean the filters (something which I admit I don’t do as often as I should) and I love that if I do come across a problem there is a diagnostic wash. The Smart Touch app also indicates the health level of the machine as well as tells you how many cycles you have done.

Our previous machine was just a bog standard machine and it isn’t until you have use of these “extra’s” do you feel that you have missed out big time. Being a family of 5 my time is important so the timer has been really useful, telling me how long is left. It has meant I can plan my time more effectively.

Thank you for sending me Candy Grand’O Vita gvs1610th/1-80 to review.

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  1. 7th January 2018 / 9:45 pm

    Ooh this is really good to know, my Mum has just ordered this machine so will be happy to read your post.

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