Bunchems Unicorns


Unicorns are appearing everywhere lately and even Bunchems can’t escape! Which for us is great, because however much they may deny their existence to their friends. The boys do like them, especially Oliver. Ollie for as long as I can remember has loved the colour pink and when it comes to animals is such a caring and loving child. All 3 boys love arts and crafts and getting creative with our box of stuff. We were sent the Bunchems Unicorn set for review and when it arrived Oliver was immediatly impressed. It could have been that he hasn’t played with Bunchems before, or it could have been the Unicorn on the front of the box. However I think it has more to do with the Glow in the Dark ones.

What’s included?

What's in the box Bunchems

Inside the box receive 9 unicorn related accessories;

  • 2x wings,
  • 2x sets of eyes (3 pieces in total)
  • wand
  • unicorn horn
  • crown
  • and footstand

You also receive;

  • 65x blue
  • 44x yellow
  • 17x pinkl
  • 35x orange
  • 24x glow in the dark Bunchems in the pack.

There is also a guide book which shows you how to make 3 Unicorns and Fairy.

What we thought!

bunching up the Bunchems

Jack loved following the guide to build his unicorn. Having never played with them before it didn’t take him long to work out how to connect the pieces together. Each Bunchem is covered in tiny little hooks which connect with each other. Having the guide was really useful to both Oliver and Jack on helping them to make their unicorns. However, Oliver soon went off track and just started creating pieces he wanted. That is a pretty great thing about them, you can create anything!

Up close look at the Bunchems

Arthur even got involved in making things using the Bunchems. Although the recommended age is 6, Arthur turns 5 this year and with supervision he was fine. He just loved the overall feel of them. Even I had a play and found them rather therapeutic bunching them all together so I can see why all 3 boys like them. They are also great when it is time to tidy up! as each of the balls stick together really easy just squish’em up and pop them in the box! Easy peasy.

Finished Unicorn Bunchems


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