Bunch O Balloons Launcher Value Pack

Bunch O Balloons

During the summer nothing beats a cool down quicker than a water balloon fight! I absolutely hate filling them up and then there is the hassle of having to tie the balloons. It takes me ages to fill and prep them all and then within minutes they are all gone! And the boys are asking for more! It is pretty much that reason why I haven’t bought water balloons in a while. That is of course until we tried Bunch O Balloons

Bunch O Balloons by Zuru

So what sets Bunch O Balloons aside from your everyday water balloons? The water balloons are in bunches of 35, you simply attach to the hose, fill and shake off! They are self-sealing so there is none of the faff of tying the balloons and watching them break one by one. We were sent the Bunch O Balloons Launcher Value Pack which contained not only 140 water balloons (4 Bunches) but also 2 launchers and 2 bags. The boys were so excited to get them out and play!

Bunch O Balloons

Once we attached them to the hose they took minutes to fill. At first we used tub but we soon realised that it wasn’t going to be big enough so we decided to use our tuff tray instead.

Bunch O Balloons

Ideally you want the tray (or whatever you use to collect the balloons with) filled with some water.

Bunch O Balloons

The water fight

I think I underestimated just how much the boys would love these! I mean, they squealed, they laughed, they ran around giggling! They LOVED them. We are certainly going to be buying more of these as they are really easy. Although it doesn’t take long for them to use them all it doesn’t matter as filling more no longer takes hours!

Bunch O Balloons Bunch O Balloons Bunch O Balloons Bunch O Balloons Bunch O Balloons

The Bunch O Balloons are available at almost all toy stores! You can buy really cool sets such as the launcher, or just the balloons. Prices start from around £7.99 and they make great gifts for children’s friends too!

Just don’t forget to pick up all the used balloons!

Bunch O Balloons

*We were given the Bunch O Balloons in exchange for our review. All photos and words are my own!


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