Bambino Miosolo – The All in one birth to potty nappy


This week saw the release of 3 new prints from Bambino Mio, Zebra crossing, Racoon Retreat and Teddy bear picnic.

I thought it was about time I wrote a few reviews about a few of my favourite cloth nappy brands. My particular favourite is the “Mio Solo”



The Bambino MioSolo is an all in one nappy. This means everything is attached and comes as one piece. The handy pocket at the end of the insert helps you to easily put the insert into the pocket. The tabs on the side of the insert makes it easy for you to pull the insert out of the pocket. The outer is made using Polyurethane Laminate (aka PUL) this helps to contain all the wetness within the nappy.

20160923_134721 20160923_134724

The insert is made using a man made fibre called Microfiber. It is slightly thicker than some other microfiber inserts but it doesn’t affect the slimness of the nappy. It is a quick absorbing material and if you need to increase the absorbancy the pocket is a really decent size to fit extra boosters inside.


The nappy has poppers on the front which helps to adjust the rise of the nappy which alters the size. This helps the nappy to fit from a small baby all the way through to a toilet training toddler. The main adjustable part of the nappy is the Velcro strip (Applix) which is super sticky and you can fold back on itself for washing. This helps to prevent the Velcro sticking to any other nappies in your wash.


The nappy doesn’t take too long to dry either on a nice windy day it could take around 6 hours.

This new release has seen the arrival of Zebra, Racoon and teddy bear picnic.

These prints are available to buy from Aldi for £7.99, Which is a massive bargain!

We picked up our nappies on Thursday which was the day of the release. Out of the 3 prints we chose Racoons and Zebras and they look even better in real life.


Arthur is 3 in November he weighs around 28/30lb (Really need to check that!) The nappies are a great fit for him, they are not bulky and the added bonus is he loves to choose which ones he wants to wear.

We have been fans of Bambino mio since the release of London Calling, elephant parade, Ladybird ball and Woodland Fox. I couldn’t help but buy the selection. Some people would say I was addicted, I beg to differ.


How Bambino Miosolo’s fit

The fit has always been great on Arthur and he wore his first Bambino Mio when he was 6months old. Using just the insert attached we could easily get around 3-4 hours. The average time a cloth nappy should be on a baby is between 2-4 hours which is the same as a disposable. Arthur had not trouble in manoeuvring around with his nappy on.


If you can excuse the lighting you can see the poppers were all fastened meaning the nappy was on the smallest rise setting (which would be the setting used for a new born). Arthur was just over 6 months old when this photo was taken. I think on a new baby it maybe quite bulky.


We moved up a rise setting when Arthur was 23 months old. The fit on the nappies were still great!! As he got older the nappy became more slimmer.


Even now Arthur still comfortably fits on the middle rise fastening on the nappies. If we left the nappy on the largest setting then this is what it would look like.


You can see the fit is much better with the Zebra.

Here are a couple of photos taken to show the new prints.

20160923_102451 20160923_134949

We have not yet had to upsize on Arthur’s clothes. He is wearing Aged 3 leggings from Big Bums Little Bums, and they are slightly to big for him. It is also worth noting that unless we were going out we don’t need to increase the absorbency too.



*Everything I have written are my own opinions and the nappies were purchased by myself*



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