Meet Harry our Baby Born Soft Touch Doll

Growing up I loved playing dolls and between my sisters and I we had amassed quite a collection. Although looking back I don’t remember having a boy doll. They all seemed to be girls and everything was pink! When I became a mum to Jack and then fell pregnant with Oliver I wanted to get him a doll however there wasn’t much available back then. Today the Baby Born Soft Touch Doll is available.

Baby Born Soft Touch Doll

BABY born Soft Touch Doll

The Baby Born Soft Touch Doll stands at 43cm tall, so it isn’t a small doll either. He also has a full plastic body (with a belly button) so can be submerged in water. Making bath times super fun! The Soft Touch Dolls are also softer than other dolls available on the market making them more huggable than before. Arthur looked at the doll and named him Harry.

Harry comes with 11 accessories too! So you can expect to receive:

  • a nappy,
  • a potty,
  • feeding bowl and spoon,
  • milk bottle,
  • dummy and dummy chain,
  • large friendship bracelet,
  • a smaller friendship bracelet,
  • food sachet and
  • a birth certificate

The features I love

BABY born Soft Touch Doll

One of the biggest features is how lifelike the Baby Born Soft Touch Doll is. I mean it can cry real tears! Push gently on his belly and he can pee or poop in either his nappy or in the potty. The arms and legs can be moved making sitting him up easy, or getting him dressed. When you lay him down he closes his eyes and he falls asleep. He is rather cute!

There are also a bunch of official accessories you can buy alongside the doll such as outfits, baths, nappies etc. Alternatively he is standard size so should fit most other doll accessories too!

BABY born Soft Touch Doll

The Baby Born Soft Touch Doll is suitable for children aged 3 years over and can be bought from most toy retailers such as Argos or Smyths.


*We received the Baby Born Soft Touch Doll in exchange for this review.


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