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acre 637 rare apple cider

For the fifteenth time in one day I asked the boys to pick up their belongings. I must sound like a drowned rat because did they hear me? Did they heck! It had totally been one of those days that I hope everybody else has too. In the evening after about 2 hours of bedtime my overtired, stress boys finally fell asleep. Just in time to enjoy a glass of cider.

I’ll pop my hand up and admit to the fact that I do normally drink another type of brand that is all fruity. Apple cider however sounded lovely and I was more than willing to try it out! I love apples, and I love apple juice so what is there to not like? I was sent Acre #637 Apple Cider- a Single Estate Rare Apple Cider in fact. <—That meant nothing to me to be honest at the beginning but I looked into them a bit.

Acre #637 Rare Apple Cider

Both Mark and I wanted to know a bit more about the company and what makes this rare apple cider. So off we went to their website to find out more about them. Unfortunately their website seems to be under construction so there wasn’t too much available. But they do say;

” Proper Cider crafted from Hertfordshire’s finest apples, expertly blended with the rarest acre of our 1,000 rescued heritage varieties, for a distinctive, bittersweet taste.”

along with;

“There’ only three other farms in the world that have the same trees as us and we don’t like to namedrop but one is owned by the queens’ number one son!”


Acre cider

My thoughts

I was kindly sent 2 bottles to taste and after being kept in the fridge for a couple of weeks until a night where I felt I really needed something, I had one. I cracked open the lid with my bottle opener and being too eager to pour into a glass I drank from the bottle. The taste straightaway wasn’t what I was expecting it actually tasted of apples. It was fine for the first few mouthfuls but after awhile I couldn’t finish it. It was just too bitter for me to handle, I gave the rest to Mark who seemed to enjoy it and he finished the rest. I so wanted to like it, but I couldn’t get used to the bitterness.

Last weekend Mark’s dad came down to visit and we all sat around having a BBQ I mentioned to him that I had another bottle and if he would like to try it. Now Mark’s dad loves his alcohol, not so much in an alcoholic sort of way but he has wider taste pallet than I do. Each year in Peterborough the city hosts The Beer Festival, one of the biggest in the UK and his dad is there almost every year trying the ales and ciders. If anyone could give me an honest view on the cider then he could. When I asked him how it was his reply was;

“Very nice actually tastes of apples unlike some better known brands”  

So there you have it! Actually nice tasting rare apple cider that tastes better than better known brands!

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