Festive Food at Christmas – What you can expect from Queensgate Shopping Centre

I was recently invited to a pretty awesome Christmas Qblogger event at Queensgate Shopping Centre. We were invited to come and taste the Christmas food offerings from various retailers inside the shopping centre.

Festive Food at John Lewis

Festive Food Queensgate Shopping Centre- John Lewis

The evening kicked off in John Lewis and as usual they didn’t disappoint. We were treated to a selection of their Christmas food and it was a lovely opportunity for us bloggers to catch up with each other and sample the goods.

 Festive Food Queensgate Shopping Centre - John Lewis

Although I love Christmas food, I don’t like Mince Pies or Christmas Pudding, so I left the Cottage Delight Tipsy Gin Mince Pies to the other bloggers along with the Cottage Delight Sloe Gin Plum Cake. The Holdsworth Dark Chocolate Christmas Pudding Trifle was also left untouched by me, but the other bloggers seem to really love them all. However I did love the Savoury Christmas Trees and John Lewis Café Christmas sandwiches as well as the Lazzaroni chocolate chip panettone.


Festive Food Queensgate Shopping Centre - Lakeland

Our next stop was Lakeland. I must admit it wouldn’t have been on my list of places to go to however they have some pretty great products. My favourite had to be the Traditional Gingerbread House Kit which looked great! The kit includes everything you need to construct and decorate your own house. Lakeland also sell a Make Your Own Christmas Pudding Smash Cake Kit. Despite it being Christmas Pudding it is in fact a chocolate sponge. However I left this one to the others to try, however it was great fun watching another blogger smash into it! The boys would love doing this! and it sounds pretty easy to bake with them.

Festive Food Queensgate Shopping Centre - Lakeland

There was also a display of various treats for us to try such as Kendal Mint Cake Vodka, Beech’s Chocolate After Dinner Mints, Sugarsin Christmas Gummies and Naked Vegan Vanilla Marshmallows.

Hotel Chocolat

Festive Food Queensgate Shopping Centre - Hotel Chocolat

We then swiftly moved onto Hotel Chocolat to have a look at their Christmas chocolate! I love Hotel Chocolat and was jumping up and down when I realised that was where we were headed. Their is such a great range of chocolates available from simple milk, white and Dark to the more adventurous ranges such as Chilli’s! (yuk!). We were shown the range of gifts available to buy, including a vegan section.

After being treated to a cup of their lovely hot chocolate we were taken to our next stop.

When Polly Met Fergie

Festive Food Queensgate Shopping Centre - When Polly Met Fergie

I have been waiting to visit this place since it opened a couple of months back. When Polly Met Fergie is a plant based restaurant where there are zero meat or animal products being served. We were treated to sample their Christmas menu of Pecan and Mushroom Ravioli with a Turmeric and Cauliflower sauce with added Pomegranates.

Festive Food Queensgate Shopping Centre - When Polly Met Fergie

The main was Nut Roast in filo cup with dauphinoise potatoes and a cranberry sauce. Pudding was my favourite and I could have eaten the whole pot. The Christmas Pudding was a lovely berry crumble with a brandy and vanilla cream

Festive Food Queensgate Shopping Centre - When Polly Met Fergie

Turtle Bay

I love Turtle Bay, every visit has been great and I was somewhat gutted that this was our last stop. As we had parked in Queensgate and we were running behind we couldn’t stay as long as I had hoped. I really think Queensgate need to rethink their Parking, especially with so many food outlets available now!

However we were treated to platters of food from the Christmas Starter menu. My favourite was the Sweetcorn fritters and Jerk Pit Wings. There was also a selection of cocktails available however as I was the driver, I couldn’t try any of them.


So, if you are local to us in Peterborough then there are plenty of Christmas food options available!


*I was invited to the evening and also given a couple of goodies from a couple of the stores.


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