Finding out I am pregnant after a miscarriage

Nichola is my sister in law and she is pregnant! I have invited her to share her journey on The Mum Diaries. So without much ado, here is her story of pregnancy up to 12 weeks.

Are we ready?

It all happened months ago. There were plenty of long discussions, shall we? Shan’t we? How long would it take? Will it ever happen this time? We had both finally agreed yes, let’s have another baby. I decided to come off the pill and we didn’t have to wait long as within a month of trying I was pregnant. Telling Tom my partner, we were both over the moon! Excitement, anticipation and as the weeks went by I couldn’t stop thinking about our future. One morning my world came crashing down, I was bleeding.¬†Devastated, I was absolutely heartbroken but there was nothing that I could do. Days went by where I would feel sad and empty but I had to put on a brave face. I needed to for my son Zayden.

Weeks passed and then a month and I noticed I had not had a period. I was told this was normal after a miscarriage so I didn’t think anything of it. My life started to get back to normal and as it was Christmas time I concentrated on other things. Eventually the niggle got bigger so I took another test. It came back positive! I was pregnant again!

up to 12 weeks

The early days were tough. I was full of worry and then excitement and then worry again. Taking each day as it comes and trying not to get my hopes up was hard. Due to the miscarriage I didn’t want to tell anyone I was pregnant, I was scared I would have to tell them all I had lost it. Of course I told Tom and I told my mum too. I needed somebody to confide in and talk with. The early days of the pregnancy were tough with headaches, feeling tired and then the sickness. Not actually being sick but the feeling! Then of course I had Zayden, my lovely but VERY lively 2 year old. You cannot compare the first and second pregnancies. The early days were so different!

I called the doctors at what I worked out to be 9 weeks pregnant and was told I would receive a call from a midwife. The days led into works and after about 3 weeks and me having to chase eventually I spoke to somebody. Despite being promised a midwife would call the receptionist relented and advised me to call the maternity unit and book a scan myself. So my next call was to the midwife unit to self refer for a scan, thankfully they were really lovely and as promised they called me with a time and date. It just so happened to be the following day. Due to the short notice Tom couldn’t make it. He is a lorry driver and couldn’t book time off at this short notice. So I phoned Jaymee, my sister-in-law.

The Scan

She was so excited and helped to ease my nerves. Sitting in the waiting room with Jaymee next to me and Zayden there too, I was so nervous. The thoughts in my mind was whether the baby is alive or even if there was a baby at all. I was called into the scan room and as I laid on the bed, I took a deep breath.

“Hello, little one!” said the sonographer!

Relief washed over me, there on the screen was my new baby.


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  1. Deborah
    31st July 2018 / 2:28 pm

    Beautiful post can’t wait for chapter two

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