Sensory Playdough – No Cook/No Cream of Tar Tar

One thing we love playing with is Playdough. Ever since working in a nursery I have always made my own! This way I know exactly what is used in the ingredients and I can always add variety such as colours, smells and glitter etc.

I thought I would share my no cook, no cream of Tar Tar recipe for fail safe play dough. Cream of Tar Tar is used to extend the longevity of the play dough but using a little more salt works the same too.


  • 4 x cups of flour
  • 1.5 x cup of  salt
  • 1x cup of warm water
  • 2x tablespoons of oil
  • food colourings and flavourings (I used yellow and vanilla and then Blue and Peppermint)

At this point I split the water between 2 smaller bowls so I can add the food colourings and flavourings. I then split the flour in half too to create 2 different doughs.

The end result is colourful play dough which smells great! I wrapped in cling film and left for a couple of hours.

Sensory Playdough

Arthur loved playing with the play dough, it wasn’t sticky and moulded really well. When kept in an air tight container it lasts a couple of weeks.

Sensory Playdough, No cook/No cream of Tar Tar



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