Did you say Hair conditioner play dough?

Sensory play idea

I came across a post on Facebook, showing children playing with playdough but it was made using everyday hair conditioner and Cornflour.
So when I ordered our next grocery delivery I made sure to add some basic conditioner and cornflour to the list, and we gave it a go.

Mix Hair conditioner and Corn Flour into a mixing bowl, until you reach a dough consistency


It felt silky smooth, and left your hands feeling lovely.
It smelled nice too

I didn’t necessarily follow any specific recipe. I am a see how it goes kinda girl, so I just added the cornflour until It reached the right consistency. The boys had great fun in stirring the mixture together.

Oliver had great fun using his accessories



Arthur even had a hold

Oliver really enjoyed the activity and loved playing with the dough. It was really soft, and smelt lovely. You could use play dough accessories. But I found a rolling pin and cutters were sufficient.

What we will change

Next time we do this activity I would add a little food colouring. Changing the colours is something so simple but would add to the play value. Also using different coloured hair conditioner would probably be an easy way of adding colour and smells. Using a coconut conditioner would make the dough smell of coconuts etc.

Although whichever hair conditioner you use will make the dough smell good.

Let us know how you get on.


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