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Monday’s are our days. Arthur and I don’t really get a lot of midweek time for just the two of us and come September those times will be gone. For the past few years we went along to a baby/toddler group, and although I love it, Arthur didn’t. He likes the thought of going and seeing his friend but once there he doesn’t leave my side. Arthur can be rather shy and lack confidence especially in busy places and it started to become tiresome having to follow him everywhere. I just wanted a hot cup of coffee and to be able to catch up with friends whilst he played. I didn’t get that there.

Small boy wearing Pj Masks top

Last week after speaking to my sister in law we had talked about meeting up. For some reason, I don’t spend enough time with my nephew, despite living a few minutes away and I wanted to change that. Last September Tramp2Lean opened up a new branch less than a 5-minute drive from my house. The year before that Bounce opened so our city had a little influx of trampoline places. Saying this up until now we hadn’t visited either. After a quick look over Tramp2Lean’s facebook page, we saw they had what sounds to be a pretty great offer. Parent and toddler price £5 all in with a free hot drink! Why not?

Tramp2Lean Peterborough

Tramp2Lean is set in the corner of a rather large industrial site, with limited parking outside the doors there is a larger car park a stone’s throw away. The trampoline park opens at 10 am and you can either book online or just walk in. We didn’t book and when we arrived there wasn’t a queue and there was a handful of families already in and bouncing. Inside it was a lot smaller than I imagined.

I had been told how big the other trampoline park was and I was told Tramp2lean was smaller, but I guess I thought it was bigger. If you haven’t been before then spare a few minutes to read and sign their disclaimer and “sign in”. You are given a loyalty card and the 6th bounce is free. There is also a charge of £1.50 each for socks if you don’t have trampoline ones. I have been told that you can wear socks from the “other trampoline park” if you have them. The reception desk is also full of chocolate and crisps and although quite reasonable in price they are there. You can take in your own refreshments (which is great!) or there is a good selection to chose from there.

Children over 5 are £6.50 and Parent and 4 and under £5.


There are sandwiches which were around £1.30, crisps which were £1, bottled water from 50p. Along with babybels, Pepperami and Pick ‘n’ mix (i hate these!) which was only £1.50 for a cup. I would have liked to have seen more fruit maybe bananas or cucumber and carrot sticks there but I was really surprised with the costs. The hot drinks were £1.50 and they had a selection of coffees (lattes, cappuccino’s etc)


Arthur was so excited as soon as he saw the trampoline and was itching to bounce! As soon as we paid our £8 for entry and 2 pairs of socks we were off! If you know Arthur personally you will know how shy and quiet he can be, especially in new places. Today he came out of his shell! There was a couple of little girls there who instantly took a liking to Arthur and they all had a blat running to and fro and bouncing along the way. In the center of the trampolines is a basketball hoop and there was plenty of balls in there too! I kind of wish I took a photo of the whole thing, but there was too many kids jumping about!

The disco lights and music really got him into the spirit of jumping and bouncing around the some 50 interlocking trampolines! There was around 10 children in there at one point and didn’t feel busy and there was plenty of space too!

It is probably worth noting here that whilst we were there the building was cold. I have since been told by a few others that they thought the same too. The lady who was working there did go and turn it on but it had already been opened awhile. I am pretty sure they just assume everyone will get warm whilst they are bouncing and probably didn’t want to make the whole building hot on top of all that exercise. Arthur wore a thin hooded top over his t-shirt and leggings and after awhile took his hooded top off.

Small boy at Trampoline Park Tramp2Lean Peterborough

The photo’s came out all blurry! But look at his face! He loved it!

‘Soft Play’

In the corner there is a “Soft play” area, I use that term loosely. The flooring is the soft mats the kind you would expect at soft play and there was a bouncy castle in there. Beside the castle was a slide and in front of it was a play house. There was also a couple of baby toys but that was about it. I suppose during the quieter times the younger children can have a little bounce with mum/dad/carer but at peak times I can’t imagine a young child wanting to stay in there too long.

Soft play at Tramp2Lean Peterborough

Arthur loved running between the trampolines and the bouncy castle, where as his 2 year old cousin favoured the Helicopter coin operated ride on (be warned!). I loved that no matter where i was you can see the trampolines, so as a parent/carer you can sit happily sipping your free hot drink and watch them.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the toilets too. Although cold they were really clean and they hand wash smelt lovely! I think overall we really loved it! Arthur wants to go back and take his brothers, so that will be the next verdict on whether they will like it or not? I think they will love it!

Where, when and price! 

Tramp2lean is located at Unit 12, Axis Park,Manasty Road, Orton Southgate, PE2 6UP. It is open from 10am daily. There is free wifi (you need to ask for code) and don’t forget to claim your free hot drink when you pay for parent and toddler for £5.

Arthur at Tramp2lean Peterborough

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