Become a Toy Tester at Queensgate Shopping Centre

Queensgate Shopping Centre are giving your children the opportunity to test some of Christmas’ top toys. Like last year, Children will grab their clipboards and become a Toy Tester.

Become a Toy Tester

Toy Tester

The Toy Tester event will be running on Saturday the 4th and Sunday 5th of November between 11am and 5pm. Central Square outside Primark will be transformed to a Toy Factory. If you attended last year you will notice some differences, such as the age groups being split. Children under 4 and Children 4 years plus will be separated to make sure the toys they play and test will be more suited to them.

Toy Testing

Retailers such as John Lewis, Game and FlyingTiger have all submitted their predicted top toys! They are all of course hoping to get their toy to the top of the charts and win the number 1 spot. But ultimately it is down to your children and what they love!

On Sunday 4th November at 10am there will be a sensory lead Toy Testing session held for children with special needs. So every child will have the opportunity to come and play and score their favourite toys.

Mark Broadhead, Centre Director at Queensgate Shopping Centre, said: “We’re looking for sharp little testers to meet our elves and critique this year’s hottest toys. Bring your children along and get into the festive spirit and you never know, you might even get some gift inspiration of your own!”

Toy Tester


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