New restaurant opening in Queensgate

It may have taken a long time coming for the couple but work has begun to open a new place to eat in Peterborough. When Polly Met Fergie will be Peterborough’s first vegan restaurant and will open in the summer.

When Polly Met Fergie restaurant peterborough

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Located in Westgate Arcade When Polly Met Fergie will span over 2 floors creating not only a “Parisian cafe” feel downstairs but also a “New York Jazz Bar” vibe upstairs. With items on the menu such as Eggless Benedict, Southern Fried Chickenless I for one is so excited for the opening!

Peterborough is so full of chain restaurants it is wonderful to have different options available. With Veganism increasing it will become a wonderful addition to not only vegans but those with Dairy Free requirements!

What do you think?

Peterborough Cathedral - New Peterborough Restaurant opening soon!


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