Review | Learning to drive from 5 years old with Firefly, Young Driver

Earlier in the year I took my nephew Leo along to Young Driver to learn to drive at 12. It was then I first learned about Firefly. Firefly is the Young Driver car which allow 5-10years olds the same ability to learn to drive, but in a much smaller, fit to them car. I knew back then the 3 boys would love it, but we wanted to wait for Firefly to reach Peterborough and for Arthur to turn 5. Well, Arthur turned 5 in November and an email landed in my inbox telling me Firefly was coming to Peterborough Arena. I swiftly booked all 3 of the boys in for their review trip and I couldn’t wait. The boys had no idea what they were going to be doing and it wasn’t until walking into the huge outbuilding that they saw the cars.

Firefly at Young Driver

Small boy child sits in the drivers seat of the Purple Firefly, purpose built small car. He is being shown how to work the controls, (person is off camera)

Signing the boys in was really simple. After quickly filling in and signing consent forms the boys were shown where to wait. Each Firefly lesson is around 20 minutes long. There is a quick 5 minute briefing where the boys were shown how to drive the cars. There was only 1 pedal; push down to go, lift of to stop. As there were only 2 cars available, Arthur had to wait his turn. He didn’t mind as watching Jack and Oliver whizz by was rather entertaining.

Older boy child driving in a white firefly car. Which is a purpose built car to teach them how to drive.

The road was marked out by 2 different coloured cones. The boys were told to stay within them as they drove around the course. The course layout also included a few different obstacles that the boys could try and tackle, such as; Roundabouts, poles to drive in and around as well as a parking bay. They were given the opportunity by the Young Driver leaders to have a go, but all 3 just really enjoyed driving around.

Small boy child and slighlty older boy child sat beside each other driving a white firefly car. The car is a purpose built car.

What we loved

The boys loved the freedom to drive around the track. As there were only 2 cars available at any one time it wasn’t busy. The staff were really attentive and on the ball too! Each of the staff members on the Firefly course (2 in total) carried Kill switches for each of the cars. So if any of the young drivers got into trouble, for example about to crash, then they could stop the car remotely. Each car can carry 2 people, Arthur loved having his brothers as passengers, and half way through his time he was able to stop to switch brother. At the end of the lessons the boys were each given their own drivers license. They were each asked to sign using the signature in the space to validate them and they loved that part! 

7 year old boy holding a drivers license he recieved after completing the Young Driver training course in a Firefly car.

*The boys were each given a lesson in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photos are my own.


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