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The countdown to Christmas has officially begun and it kicked off with the boys breaking up from school yesterday. It means we are now in full Christmas mode and I couldn’t be happier. There is a local festival which has sprung up which aims to keep Christmas at bay at the entrance. Over the past few weeks I have seen more and more marketing materials all explaining what was going to happen and it all became rather exciting. Bah Humbug! Fest is a 10 day festival which started today and runs until 30th December (Except Christmas Day itself). Based within the Peterborough Arena (East of England Showground to the locals) site there is 100,000 square feet area with more than 40 rides, inflatables and live entertainment, all without a Christmas tree, tinsel or even Santa in site.

Bah Humbug! Fest

Bah Humbug! Fest

Every day there are 2 available sessions 12-4pm and 5-9pm and both sessions are pre-bookable, or you can pay at the entrance. There is also plenty of free parking and as you are given wristbands you can come and go as you please. The boys were so excited and they couldn’t wait to get started! The biggest USP of Bah Humbug! Fest is once you have paid the entrance price everything (except food trailers and prize games) are FREE! There is nothing extra to pay for the fairground rides and inflatables and you can go on them as much as you like too. Which Jack took full advantage off and stayed on the dodgems for over an hour.

Bah Humbug! Fest - The Dodgems

As it was the first session I was expecting it to be really busy but it was surprisingly quiet. There were hundreds of visitors who attended but with the layout of the festival it certainly didn’t feel like it. It was perfect for us and it meant there were zero queues and the boys were given the opportunity to just stay on and have extra rides. All the staff members we came across were really friendly too and they all had smiles. It really makes a difference to the atmosphere when the staff are happy and friendly.

So what actually is there?

Bah Humbug! Fest

There are 3 areas to the whole festival. When you go through the entrance you are greeted by the first outdoor area. This is where the food trailers and undercover seating area are. There are also some toilets too (as well as some inside). Attraction wise there are 6 rides;

  • Helter Skelter,
  • a small Thomas the Tank train ride (perfect for the younger ones),
  • The Runaway Train,
  • The Fun house (which totally reminds me of the ending of Grease!),
  • Freak Out (see photo) and
  • The Haunted House.

Inside you will find all the prize games (which cost between £3 and £5 to play and all the inflatables. There are also more rides as well as the live entertainment stage and the meet and greet area for the characters. The boys loved the inflatables there were so many to choose from too! The Labyrinth Challenge – Toxic Zone was one of their favourites and children from 5 years are able to go on. The other inflatables are;

  • Giant Wipeout Stepping stones,
  • FunFair Inflatable Slide,
  • Inflatable FunFair Park (another favourite of the boys),
  • Inflatable Crazy Golf,
  • an Inflatable Jungle Slide,
  • Dino Slide,
  • Tennis Shootout,
  • 4-way basketball shootout,
  • Inflatable Blow Football,
  • Inflatable Under Pressure, plus more!

As well as all of those inflatables there were also an abundance of fair ground rides;

  • Dodgems,
  • Ghost Train,
  • Tea Cups,
  • Frozen Swing,
  • Mini Miami,
  • Roller Rink,
  • MoonDance, plus lots more too!

There is another outdoor area through the doors next to the live entertainment stage which is where you can find more attractions;

  • Crazy Bulls
  • Gator Kids Rollercoaster
  • Crazy Cars
  • SuperBowl
  • Waltzers
  • plus another couple of rides.

all the added extras!

Bah Humbug! Fest

There are plenty of prize winning games as well as 2p machines to play with. Prices start from £3 and there were lots of prizes available to win from stuffed teddy bears to Hampers with Haribo inside. As well as all of this there are also the Character meet and greets. Today the boys were able to meet Peppa and George. Throughout the next 10 days there are opportunities to meet the Paw Patrol gang, Pj Masks as well as Peppa and George, the characters change daily with a schedule on the Bah Humbug! Fest website. But that isn’t it either! There is also live entertainment in the form of a Little Mix tribute band, The Little Mix Experience.

Bah Humbug! Fest

and what is there to eat?

Outside by the entrance are 4 food and drink trailers. The food is rather pricy however it wasn’t a surprise as I had expected it to be. There is an undercover seating area which I believe would also double up as picnic area. There isn’t anywhere stating that you couldn’t bring your own food and drinks in. The Bar serves alcoholic drinks including spirits and bottled beer, prices start from £3.

What did we think?

The boys loved it! They really did and even with the £20 per person price tag I probably wouldn’t think twice about paying it and going again. It does seem a lot of money especially this time of year however If I took the boys to a travelling fun fair I would be spending more and we certainly couldn’t stay for 4 hours. I don’t have many negatives to say other than there isn’t much seating. Actually other than the undercover eating area there is no seating. So if you need a chair then I would bring your own.

The Live music was great! So much energy on stage and my nieces LOVED it! But once their set was finished the stage remained empty. When we arrived they were singing however they were not in costumes so I assume that was a warm up set, their main set didn’t start until around 3pm. It would be great to have more live entertainment to fill the gaps on the stage.

*We were given entrance tickets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photos are my own.


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