World Stationery Day – National Stationery Week

It’s midweek and what better way to celebrate than to have World Stationery Day. Today is the day stationery weirdos like me look forward too. A whole day dedicated to those who love all things stationery!

World Stationery Day

I have always been a bit of a freak when it comes to stationery. I have notebooks coming out of me ears as I have a whole host of things I write. Mainly lists, I seem to really love those! I have notebooks for shopping lists, another for recipes, I have 3 2017 diaries,3.  I love making notes and I love writing although most of the time it doesn’t make sense.

World Stationary Day

I remember when I first came across a thing called a Bullet Journal. It is a way to completely personalise my own diary to include EVERYTHING I want. Having 4/5 notebooks for lists/things to do/notes didn’t really make sense. If anything its waste. Whereas a bullet journal compiles all my favourite things I love about my pads into one.

Obviously a new diary meant new stationery I needed a new journal. I heard the Leuchtturm1917 are great ones to use. They come either dotted, ruled, lined and I think even squared too. Apparently dots are the best so that’s what I chose. A new notebook also meant new pens so the Staedtler were recommended. They don’t bleed through to the pages which apparently is really important.

I am really looking forward to going into more depth with you and what I do with my bullet journal!

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