Pen and Pencil Day – National Stationery Week

Today marks the first day of National Stationery Week. As a bit of a stationery hoarder I felt I had to write about it! From today until 30th April I will be posting every day following a specific daily theme. Todays theme is all about Pens and Pencils. It’s not just the physical pieces of stationary I love but what it is what you can achieve from using them I love most!

National Stationery Week

Pen and Pencils

As I was looking up some information on what I think maybe useful to include into the blog I came across a museum dedicated to Pencils. How awesome is that?! The Pencil Museum based in Cumbria is home to the first pencil! Its currently closed to refurbishment but I think a visit to their website to see what they are about is a must!

All you need to let your creativity flow is imagination and the materials to bring it to life!

I was sent a selection of different pieces of stationary and I must say one of my favourite pieces I was sent were these. Rainbow Pencils from Mustard Gifts. I suddenly felt very nostalgic as I remembered owning rainbow coloured pencils growing up.

Do you have a favourite go to pen or pencil?



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