Fountain Pen Friday – Day 5 – National Stationery Week

Day 5 already where has the time gone? Incase you have been hiding underneath a rock all week this week is National Stationery Week. If you are little obsessed like me then it is a perfect week to show off what you have! and what you can do! Each day there is a specific theme to follow and today’s is – Fountain Pen Friday

Now shock horror! I don’t actually own a fountain pen! It is something that I have wanted for ages but as with life something always crops up! So I figured I would do something a little different. I will show you my 3 favourite fountain pen.

Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

Stabilo EASYbirdy Fountain Pen

The ideal first fountain pen for youngsters! These are ergonomically shaped for either left or right handers. Which having a child who is left handed it is important to find a pen they are comfortable with! Comes in some pretty nifty colours too.

fountain pen starwars

Townsend Star Wars Limited Edition R2D2

yup! I would absolutely love to own this beautiful gem. I think if I was to have it I would never use it and I would be scare the nib would break. At a cool 375 smackeroons you can own your very own R2D2 pen. Also come in Darth Vader, CP30, Storm trooper and BB-8. The pen has an 18kT solid gold tip too!

Berol Handwriting Fountain Pen

There is nothing a like a Berol pen to instantly bring you memories of your school days. Was I the only one to be given a Berol pen? It wasn’t until recently I realised they made fountain pens though! I would love to give this a go!


Do you have a favourite fountain pen?

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