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…So they say, but honestly? I would much rather have that person (in this case Jack) close to me. This week started with a whirlwind of emotions which quite thankfully I do not have to experience anytime soon. Jack went on his first ever school residential trip. I thought I would be fine, I thought I would be happy. How wrong was I? I spent the entire 2 nights and 3 days an emotional wreck! Constantly thinking of him and not able to do even the basic tasks such as sleep!

Jack was excited to go he couldn’t wait! I had been building the excitement with him telling him all about what he was going to be doing. He couldn’t wait to share a bunk with his best friend! Monday morning and as soon as he woke up he brought his pillow and blanket into our room “this is for you so you don’t forget me” this instantly made me well up! Jack couldn’t wait to get to school and was happily walked into his classroom.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

After dropping Oliver off in his classroom I went back to Jack I needed to give him one last kiss and cuddle. I asked if he would like me to either go home or wait to wave him off. He said he would like me to wave him off. So off we went to spend 30 minutes killing time before he was due to leave with his class.

And then that was that. He was gone!

I spent pretty much the next 72 hours crying or on the brink of crying. We had never in his 7 years spent that long apart not being able to say goodnight. It was horrible! I thought I would be okay, you know one child down 2 to go kind of thing but no. When I spoke to my sister I must of broke down in tears about 3 times over pretty much everything! Oliver and Arthur really missed him too. On Tuesday morning both boys asked if Jack was coming home today and when I had to say no they cried. I think it must of hit Oliver harder he really didn’t seem to know what to do with out him. They hadn’t spent more than 1 night apart from each other in 5 years.

After speaking to Mark we decided we was going to through a welcome home party for him. It really seemed a little over the top but I had to do something to stop thinking about him. Harsh as that sounds, but the constant crying was making my eyes sore and Arthur was getting too concerned! So we all threw ourselves into holding a party!



On Wednesday we went to pick Jack up and we were all so excited. He came out of his class and gave me the biggest cuddle “Mum, I missed you more than you will ever know” Heartbreaker he is!


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  1. 5th March 2017 / 11:29 pm

    I can’t imagine either of mine being big enough for a residential trip! How exciting for him! x

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