Relaxation – How I grab 5 minutes – #Blogtober17 -Day 18

As a mum of 3 boys, I have to try and make as much me time as I can. Also being the only female in a male-dominated household can take its toll.

Relaxation and grabbing 5 minutes!

The only way I can grab 5 minutes and that is when I take a bath. So I make the most of it! Using Lush Cosmetics (of which I have loads!) I chose a bath bomb, lit candles and listen to music. For me, nothing beats being able to close my eyes and just relax! Depending on my mood will depend on what I have in my bath sometimes I need bubbles and others just a simple bath bomb with lots of smells calms me! The boys, however, are sometimes insistent to help prepare my bath and in all honesty, it’s not worth the battle to say No. Arthur LOVES putting the bath bomb in the bath! He gets really excited.


I also love a good book but I haven’t been able to read one for a while. I tend to binge read when I get going and it can overtake my evenings but I don’t mind if I find a book which interests me! At the moment I have been reading “Nobody told me” by Hollie McNish a speaking poet. My sister bought me tickets to see her live last year and it was amazing! I get totally into her poems and can read her book over and over.

What do you do to relax?


This is part of a series of posts throughout October called Blogtober, yesterday’s post about my favourite Dr Suess Quotes


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