#Blogtober – Day 8 – Holiday

We were incredibly lucky this year to be able to go away on holiday not once, but three times! In 2015 our first family holiday was in Wales, and we have been away every year since. Camping has always been on our wish list, but due to a small car, we have never been able to do it!. Well, last year we bought our new 7 seater car and for Christmas Mark’s dad bought us a tent.


Our Holiday

Since we started camping this year we have been to some fab campsites Shell Island, Scarborough and Cambridge.

Shell Island was our first camping experience and it was really lovely. We went for 3 nights 4 days and ended up coming home a day early but we didn’t mind too much. Our last was set for some serious wind and rain and as we were conscious about our new tent getting wet and mould we wanted to ensure it was dry. The boys were beginning to lag a little too, the late nights, early mornings started to have an effect. We went camping with Mark’s dad and it was lovely to have someone else there to speak too and someone else we knew. When we went to Scarborough his dad joined us again but only stayed for a night.


Next year

Mark gets a weekend off every 3 weeks so the aim is to go somewhere. We don’t mind where we are just excited to go and explore. I am conscious of the fact I need to organise a little better to make sure we can come back home to clean uniform. It’s going to be really exciting though! and we can not wait!

Can you recommend anywhere to go camping? We would love to compile a list for the summer!

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