#3 The Mum Diaries monthly linky

The Mum Diaries (and dad’s too!) monthly link up!

Welcome to the 3rd link up in my brand new monthly series! There was 12 posts linked up last month and I am so happy! It is tough introducing and hosting link ups especially when you are brand new and trying to get established. 

It was hard to choose my favourite posts but I loved reading about 2 Nerds and a baby’s birth story and DadaandMonkey’s post about why daddy doesn’t live with mummy. These are posts I think you really need to read!

We are on countdown to the summer! with only 3 school days left there is lots to do until the end of term. I am looking forward to the more relaxed mornings and no more time restraints. Do you all do teacher gifts? I do, I like to say thank you to those who have helped my kids out. My profession (before babies) was childcare so I have all the sympathy for them.

Last month I took the boys to Hamerton Zoo we all had a blast. The boys took a particular liking to one of the Lar Gibbons. He kept coming up to the window and then going away again. He must have done this several times! We later learnt he was over 50 years old!

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