Sustainability/Eco Gift Guide

One of the biggest changes I have tried to make this year, is to become more aware of our waste. For the past few years I have made positive changes in our lifestyle but I am conscious that there is so much more. When Oliver and Arthur were babies they wore cloth nappies and we used cloth wipes. I have even written a post about 50 ways to go waste free. However with Christmas approaching I wanted to put across products which someone looking to reduce their waste and become more eco friendly would love.

Some people would prefer not to receive gifts at Christmas as they do not want to end up with piles of gifts unused. However even the everyday object could be that persons favourite gift!

The Sustainability/Eco Gift Guide

We are tea are a brand of Tea drinks that are great for the environment. Mark loves his tea and drinks cups of the stuff daily! It was brought to the attention during the year that teabags contain plastic. We are tea contain ZERO plastic! The teabags are made using corn starch sealed using ultrasonic tech, making the teabags 100% biodegradable.

For those who want to make steps to becoming more sustainable may want to try a variety of oral hygiene products. WooBamboo sell a range of natural bamboo toothbrushes for adults as well as children. I always pop a new toothbrush in stockings at Christmas and these would be a great plastic free alternative. WooBamboo also have a range of Fluoride free Natural Toothpastes and even Bamboo dental floss

Another great stocking filler would be these organic bamboo underwear and baby clothes from Boody. Boody originated in Australia and was designed to be simple, comfortable aswell as being attractive all whilst using earth-friendly materials. Having worn these they are super comfortable. Boody is made using Viscose from Bamboo, one of earths fastest growing plants. Bamboo is a great alternative to traditional cotton as it uses less water.

On the go

An insulated travel cup is a great gift for those on the go. Whether those who have school runs, work commutes or even new parents who miss drinking hot drinks. Sip by Swell travel mugs keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. The travel mug is made using stainless steel and using it helps to reduce the need of single use plastic.

One of the things that I really wanted was a netted lightweight bag to use whilst shopping. I love buying loose fruit and vegetables as often it is cheaper than the pre-packaged ones however I hate using the plastic bags to store them in. The Filt String Bag in Red, White and Blue is perfect to store in your bag for when your out and about shopping. They are big enough to use rather than a traditional carrier bag, or like me you can use as a replacement for loose fruit and veg.

Reducing Single Use Plastics

Another way to help cut out single use plastic is to use a reusable lunchbox like this R2D2 Bento Box instead of buying lunch everyday. The Bento Box has an inverted bowl, the middle section is perfect for stew or salads and thanks to the seal it is leak proof. The bottom section is ideal for rice, sushi or a bread roll. There is also an elastic band to hold everything together. IT also looks great!

eco giftguide

Another great way to cut out single use plastic is to use a reusable bottle for drinks rather than buying single use plastic out and about. The 32oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flask is perfect for those on the go. HydroFlask keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and is designed using TempShield double wall vacuum insulation.


The ECO Duvet is the first luxury duvet made entirely of recycled materials! 120 recycled plastic bottles are used to make a single double duvet. The filling of the duvet Is made from soft touch microfibre which is made from 100% recycled yarn. It is really soft and breathable and all importantly for us hypoallergenic too. 

*The products in the gift guide were sent in exchange for being featured in the guide*

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