Gifts for children under £10

More often than not I struggle to buy gifts for children who are not my own and not family members either. So thought I would put together a few ideas for gifts with an RRP of £10 and under. These suitable ages vary on each gift but this guide is mainly for the older ones (Think school age children).

Gifts for children under £10

Make your own DreamCatcher – £6.50

A lovely kit which will no doubt bright out the arty side for children, as they will be making their own dreamcatcher. Such a cool idea. The multi-coloured dream catcher when finished is pretty great and the added purple feathers also look really cool. A lovely gift they can hang up in there room once made. In Native American tradition, dreamcatchers filter out the bad dreams, therefore giving the person asleep good dreams only. Such a great idea, the kit contains everything the child needs to make their own.

Unicorn Changing Colour LED Light -£9.99 (Batteries included)

This unicorn colour changing mood lamp is just the bomb. When not in use he is a lovely white shade with golden horn and multicoloured mane. However switch him on and he will glow through colours from red to green, blue to yellow and orange and so on. So cool he looks just ace.

Superman Egg Cup- £8.99

This cute egg cup is for any superhero. The toast cutter imprints the superman logo onto your toast, whilst the design on the egg cup means you will be eating an egg fit for superman!

FabLab Hair Lights -£9.99

Change your hair colour for the day with these temporary hair shadows that wash out when you shampoo. Follow the detailed activity guide and learn how to create the latest ombre look or why not create some vibrantly coloured highlights. This kit contains 6 different hair shadows so you can follow the ultimate hair colour trends. Use your imagination and add a flair of colour to your hair

FabLab Nail Art- £9.99

Customise your nails in style with FabLab Nail Artist. Follow the detailed colour illustrated activity guide and learn how to create 6 stunning nail designs. This kit includes 7 different nail polishes plus some heart shaped sprinkles. Also check out our website,, and download the printable .pdf for more creative nail designs to try. The possibilities are endless.

FabLab Glitter Tattoos – £9.99

Join the glitter tattoo craze with FabLab Glitter Tattoo kit. With over 25 unique eye-catching tattoo designs and 4 sparkly glitter colours to choose from you can create the ultimate glittery, shimmery, multi-coloured tattoos that can last up to 7 days. Follow the detailed activity guide to learn the application techniques then be artistic and create tattoos in different colour combinations.

Snazaroo Face Paint Pens – £9.99

The precision brush nib is designed to make it easy to get the biggest ideas or the smallest details just right, allowing full control over the amount of paint used. No water or separate brushes required. Simply pop the top, twist the base and let the fun flow…whenever, wherever. Just a few turns and paint is delivered straight to the brush tip to help face painters create anything from robot tigers to frozen fairies, with no mixing or mess.

Squeeze Rocket – £3.99

Squeeze Rocket Party Packs are great for parties or just everyday fun. Squeeze the bulb to launch the rocket 30′ or more! Indoors or outdoors this little rocket is sure to keep the kids entertained. The boys loved playing with this and it kept them amused for a good couple of hours. We are off camping soon and I have packed it away to take with us.

Hatchimals colleggtibles – £3

Hatch them all! Warm your egg. His heart will change colour. Then you can break the shell and find out what Hatchimal is hidden inside. Over 70 models to collect! Oliver loves collecting the Hatchimals and ticking off which ones he has in his collection. For children aged 3 and above.

Hypotrochoid Art Set – £8.99

These pretty flowing curved have fascinated mathematicians for centuries, different points within the small circle produce wildly different patterns, so cool they look so pretty and is great to show kids how they work. A classic drawing set, which is both easy and fun to use and produces some fantastic results, children and adults alike will love. The 11 piece set comes complete with instructions on how to make your pretty patterns. Sure to keep the kids and grown-ups entertained for hours.

Dinosaur Fingerprint Art Set – £9.99

Fingerprint dinosaurs kit is great if your kids, niece grandchild or son is at the age when they want to make everything & create something. Your little monsters can happily create unique dinosaurs using this fingers & stamps art set, then add features with the pencils. A great way to use their imagination, and which kid doesn’t think dinosaur are cool? Start with pressing your finger or thumb in the coloured ink pad, then print onto the paper, then add features with the stamps like eyes, claws and beaks weather you are making a T-Rex (the best dino ever) or a Daspletosaurus, or even go crazy and make a big scary monster with 10 eyes. Ink Pads x 3, Rubber stamps x 12, pencils x 10 and an activity book.

Rainbow Secret Unicorn Diary – £8.99

Complete with lovely heart padlock and keys, this secret diary sure has good vibes. The unicorn on the front is just stunning, with a multicoloured mane and pink horn, plus with a little smile and wings. Then, of course, the backdrop is a whole host of colours with added clouds and little characters. Super cute and sure to go down a massive hit with unicorn fans. The front reads: “Dreams & Wishes” which is pretty cute!

Squeezamals £5.99 – It’s the Squeezamals, the cutest, cuddliest pets around. They’re super soft, super squishy and scented too! Collect 16 different Squeezamals characters. Hug them, squeeze them and smell their sweet tropical scent. You’ll never be able to put them down

Blo Pens £6.59 – create fantastic pictures with amazing airbrush effects! Choose a stencil and put it on a sheet of paper, blow through the pen and see your picture appear! blow in lines and circles as well as blowing harder and softer for different effects. Then use the same pens to add extra detail for a perfect finishing touch! Blopens caps are washable and interchangeable. They are completely safe for children to use, with non-toxic ink.

Water Wubble £9.99  – Splash and soak over and over with the amazing water Wubble! these unique, reusable water balloons are pop resistant and can be refilled quickly via easy-fill nozzles with 3 different filling options. Water bubbles are self-sealing, meaning no fiddly tying for lots of instant water-battling fun! pack includes 2 x red and 2 x blue.

Disney Emoji #Chat Collection – £9.99 – We recently reviewed the Disney Emoji range for series 1 and the boys loved it! Based on the popular Disney Emoki Blitz smartphone game and also Disney “As told by” shorts on Youtube. The collection comprises of 29 characters and 4 props from classic Disney, Disney Princess, Frozen, and Disney/Pixar franchises.

Disney Stickits – £7.99 – Comes fully loaded with 100 stickers so sure to be a big hit for any sticker loving fan. Different characters to collect Frozen’s Elsa, and Olaf (pictured), Disney Princess Ariel or Rapunzel and also, My Little Pony Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle!

DIY Slime Shaker 3 pack – £9.99 –  The 100% Original DIY Slime in a 3 pack! Add the So Slime powder & water and shake for the ultimate rainbow or cosmic slime! Add glitter to customise your slime. Includes a bonus surprise cute collectable figure.


**I was sent these items in exchange to be included in the guide**



  1. Katrina Adams
    5th April 2018 / 8:14 am

    This is a great guide! I’ve bookmarked this as will be getting some of these for Christmas

    • 6th April 2018 / 8:00 pm

      Thank you, Keep an eye at christmas as there will be more!

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