Children Books – Perfect for Christmas and great for book advents

Every year I aim to get the boys at least 2 or 3 books each. They love reading and I think it is important to keep that spark going especially as they getting older. With Christmas on the horizon I thought I would share some of the books the boys will be receiving. This gift guide is part of a series I am writing, previous one so far have been Advent Calendars.

Children Books

Everything you need for a tree house is a beautifully written book which is great for children’s imagination. It isn’t a story book and it’s not meant to be. It is just a book of suggestions that will spark the imagination of the child listening. The book explores the potential of lots of different tree houses and with the great illustrations you can picture yourself walking around each and every one of them.

Books which will become much loved

What I loved about Forever or a Day when I first saw it was the front cover. The illustration was really lovely and it enticed me to want to read it. Really beautifully written and a stark reminder of how time can fly. In a poignant conversation, as elegant as a poem and as perfectly paced as a mystery, an unassuming narrator charts the course of a single day by interrogating the elastic nature of time through a series of questions and comparisons that reflect both a parent’s and a child’s perspective: Those seconds that count in catching the bus. The idyllic hours that slip by so quickly during a perfect day on the lake. The summer days that disappear into blissful happiness.

Jack is always wanting to know everything! The Top 10 of Everything 2019 covers pretty much every topic you may want to know. The book is split into different genres such as Animal Kingdom, Video Games, Mechanical Creations and Sport. There are lists, charts and tables to break down the details of each fact too! The book is perfect for those who want to know everything!

The boys are really loving their Lego at the moment and to help them I thought the Lego Star Wars Ideas Book would be great. The book is jam packed with more than 200 ideas which will keep my 3 entertained for hours! What I love is the book isn’t just full of Lego ideas but also games and challenges too!

Packed full of facts and info!

Since starting school Arthur has become really inquisitive and asking lots of questions. We recently received a Smart Globe Myth for the boys to have. However nothing can really beat looking through a book. The Children’s Illustrated History Atlas encourages children to read a map and use a key, compass and scale. Each map is full of history such as how big the Roman Empire was and how explorers made their journeys around the world.

I love nothing more than doing science experiments with the boys. The Science Squad is ideal for children aged 5-7 years and is a bright and beautifully illustrated book. Lord Robert Winstone is a professor of Science and Society. He is a world-renowned scientist who has combined ground-breaking academic work with an ability to communicate ideas and understanding to the general public.

The book is a great introduction to STEAM. The book covers various topics such as Living Things, The Human Body, Space, Physics, Maths and Chemistry, plus lots more!

My encyclopaedia of Very Important Dinosaurs is full of the up to date facts and discoveries of the dinosaur world. There are detailed profiles of popular dinos such as T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus to the ones lesser known like Microraptor and Spinosaurus. As well as seeing bones up close and learning all about fossils. It is perfect for any budding palaeontologist.

The gift that gives

Little Box of Books is a subscription service for children aged 0-7years. The books specialise in diverse and inclusive books and are handpicked to ensure that they remain inclusive. Each month receive your books beautifully wrapped in paper ready to read. As well as books there are also activities and puzzles which help to enhance the child’s reading experience. As well as receiving your own subscription, a child will receive a book through a chosen charity organisation for every box bought.

The record breakers

I remember receiving my first Guinness world record book back in the 90s. I love reading all the weird and wonderful records that had been broken! As well as trying to come up with my own. I never did though. However I remember the thrill and excitement of trying to break a record and I want Jack to experience that. The Guinnes World Record Book covers a whole range of different topics from Dinosaurs to Instagram!

The Guinness World Records Wild Things celebrates the record holders that are animals! From the smallest killer bugs to backyard wildlife it is pretty much covered. The book also features some of Steve Backshall from Deadly60’s wild experiences with some of the record breaking species. The animal maps within the book makes it easy discover which animals live in different continents.

Another weird and wonderful book from my childhood that is still going is Ripley’s Believe It or Not!. I remember my first book and reading about the lady who had the longest nails in the world and wandering how she wiped her bum! I know all 3 of the boys will have fun going through the book!


*The above books were sent in exchange for inclusion in the gift guide

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  1. 7th November 2018 / 1:10 pm

    What a great selection of books.
    The Little Box of Books sounds like such a lovely idea.
    My girls love the Guinness world record books. They are always so interesting x

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