Children’s Christmas Gifts

If you are struggling to come up with some ideas on what to buy for children this year for Christmas. Then check out my Christmas Gift Ideas for Children. The latest in my line of Gift Guides for Christmas where I have shared gift ideas for coffee and book lovers.

Children can be super difficult to buy for, there are so many really great toys and games available for such a wide range of interests! Hopefully you can find something that will be loved here!

For the tech kids

Children's Christmas

Cozmo has very quickly become the boys most played with toy! He is a real life robot which can remember and react his environment. You can challenge him to games or wait for him to challenge you! Using Explorer mode you can also see life through Cozmo’s eyes. The more you play the more games and upgrades unlock!

Tobbie the self-guiding AI robot is the ideal gift for a child who wants to build their own robot. He is easy to assemble and comes with a step by step instruction guide. Tobbie uses artificial intelligence to interact with you and respond with gestures. There are 2 modes to Tobbie; Explore and Follow Me. Follow Me uses an IR sensor to detect movement and follow anything moving; your hand, your foot? and your pet dog!

I loved lazer games growing up and it was one of the things that I couldn’t wait to do with my boys! Lazer M.A.D Battle Ops is a crazy infrared game where you have to battle with an opponent to win! There are 2 modes to play; Training Ops and Battle Ops. Packed with sound effects and realistic triggers the M.A.D Battle Ops can accurately hit a target within 50 metres.

One of my fondest memories growing up was sitting with my dad watching Robot Wars. We loved nothing more than cheering our favourite robots and then wincing at all the destruction! The Hexbug Robot Wars Arena is the perfect replica of the actual Robot Wars arena from series 8-10. It includes 2 robots Impulse and Royal Pain you can battle it out to the last robot standing! Kids will love battling out with the parents and the parents would love to re-enact the favourite show! You can buy other robots to add to the play, including the infamous Matilda!

Meet The Book Monster – So okay, not necessarily a Tech gift but hear me out. The Book Monster is the perfect gift for a child who loves playing on their tablet! It holds the tablet in a comfortable position. Not just for tablets The Book Monster is also great for reading books! It can hold securely paper and hard back books. The fuzzy teeth is perfect at keeping the pages open so no flapping around.

What’s even greater about The Book Monster? It can double up as a pillow for those super quick naps. PLUS, if your child are anything like my 3 then you will understand the amount of dribble that comes from them, or how clumsy they can be. Well, The Book Monster can be washed in a household washing machine on a low temp!

For the creative kids

The Perfect stocking filler for any creative child, A Few minutes of design – 52 activities to spark your creativity. Each 15-minute challenge is a deceptively simple and fun exercise. All have been created to help your children think about things like how to combine two separate objects to become one useful alternative (e.g. a spork), how to use pictures, symbols and colours to ensure information is understood at a glance (e.g. the red and green man at pedestrian crossings), or how everyday objects can be used for hundreds of different life hacks (a floral light set from cardboard egg boxes anybody?).

I always include colouring pencils and pens in the boys Christmas Stocking. Stabilo have a great range of pens and pencils that would make any child (or adult) happy! I love the Woody 3 in 1 pencils which combine a Wax crayon with a colouring pencil and a watercolour in one. The Highlighters are available in an awesome range of pastel colours! and my favourite is the wallet of assorted Fineliner pens!

The Stabilo Pen 68 metallic comes in 5 metal shades and will add that shimmer to any piece of artwork! Suitable for drawings or hand lettering the water based ink has premium pigments which helps to ensure high light fastness for ling lasting metallic colour intensity.

There is nothing more children love than playing with slime! The Glam Goo accessories are packed full of slime and sparkles and includes wearable fashion accessories. Start with the clear slime and then they mix all the sparkles they would like.

Another firm favourite for children is the Gel-A-Peel Fashion Maker. Children can become their own fashion designer and express themselves by creating gel patches, accessories and jewellery. The Gel-A-Peel fashion station makes it super easy. Pick your own stencil design, choose your gel, and then squeeze and peel!

The kids who love experiments

We absolutely love the range of baff toys from Zimpli Kids. Children will be amazed at how a simple sachet soon turns the entire bath into goo or slime! and then even more amazing, add the second sachet and it turns back to water again! The products are 100% safe, non irritant and environmentally safe! No harmful chemicals and 100% degradable too. For those who love Snow, then SnoBall Play can create over 30 snowballs. Simply add water and mix and then the kids are good to play!

Letterbox Lab is a subscription service which for children aged 6+ promises hours of fun in every box. Each box comes with a bright and colourful instruction guides which help guide the children through their experiments. There are 2 boxes available the Explore Box (age 6+) and Investigate Box (8+). The Explore Box offers 3-5 experiments and the investigate box offers 6-9 bigger experiments.

The younger kids

Young children will absolutely love Count With Peppa. Peppa recogniss which coins have been inserted and responds to each one. She also plays 3 songs from the show, that young children will remember! Even better Count With Peppa has an adjustable sound setting.

Thomas fans will absolutely love the Thomas & Friends Flip and Learn Phone Toy. Call Thomas and his friends and you can hear each of their greetings. Children and pretend to take photos using the camera phone feature.

The film fans

Incredibles 2 has not long been released and with a new range of toys being released Jack Jack Attacks is set to be a big toy this Christmas. Fans will be able to recreate the most epic battle as Jack Jack takes on the invader of the back garden. There are various play modes including posable arms which can hug the racoon resulting in Jack Jack making happy noises! Press and hold his belly and Jack Jack explodes into his ultimate power mode. 

Love Harry Potter? Use the Wizard Training Wand and take on the roll of the Wizard or Witch who own’s it. There are 4 in total; Harry’s, Hermione, Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort. There are 11 different spells to learn and master. Each wand comes with 5 modes of play. 3 of which can be used to play with a friend.

Children's Christmas Gifts - Harry Potter Set

Another great gift for Harry Potter fans is the collectible gift set. It includes a 2019 calendar as well as a 2019 diary and pen. All together in a lovely gift box which can be used afterwards to store any Harry Potter merch!

The Collectibles

Scruff-A-Luvs are sold by RSPCA so you buying one can help support a worthwhile charity too. Each Scruff-A-Luv arrives as a matted pink ball of fur! By taking care of them, bathing them, brushing their hair does it then reveal what kind of pet they are. With 3 to collect; Dog, Cat and Rabbit it is such a lovely gift for any child. With each Scruff-A-Luv the child also receives a grooming brush, collar with name tag and an adoption certificate.

Arthur is obsessed with Slither.IO and loves the game! It is pretty much the modern day version of Snake! but with a big revamp! We love how collectible these are and the boys get so excited to see which ones they have received!

Another gift idea from RSPCA which makes the perfect stocking fillers are these cute 7″ farmyard soft toys and keyrings! I know the boys will be excited to receive these! They absolutely love their soft toys and I know these will be perfect!

Fingerlings were big last year and this year they have released the Fingerlings BFF Collection. So not only do you get a mini BFF. The smaller BFF fingerling loves to hang from your finger. The larger fingerling has over 40 sounds and animations, blow them a kiss and they will kiss back! Rock your fingerling in your hand and help soothe them to sleep!

Baby Surprise is a cute little doll which comes inside a bathtub! Open each bathtub to reveal a surprise baby doll with it’s own personality. Fill the bathtub and give your baby a wash and then watch the nappy magically change colour. Will your baby doll be a boy or girl? These make great stocking fillers and for only a few pounds they make great pocket money toys!

Ready2Robot is a fab collectible toy that encourages children to build their own custom robots. The Tag-Team Battle Pack comes with a bonus Mechbot already built and ready to play with straight away. There are over 10 layers to unbox and in total 20 pieces to help customise your mechbots for their battles! The smaller pod contains a mechbot and has 7 unique bot parts to help build your mechbot. Don’t forget the slime!

I absolutely love these One Dear World dolls. There are currently 4 available and each one has a different ethnicity. Each doll has their own history and story uncover. Parth (this doll) was born in Mumbai and came to London when he was a baby. The other dolls are Hope (from Ghana), Jun (from China) and Lea (from Oslo). There is a book (available separately) that compliments the collection of dolls. The story takes you through the streets of London to find magical hats to help Mr. Globe.

A big hit this year are Crate Creatures, Just be careful with them! Each creature (4 to collect) arrives in his crate secure with a big chain and lock. Use the crowbar to break into the crate and release the inner creature. But be careful because if you pull his tongue and he will make gross and funny sounds! There are over 45 sounds and effects packed into each crate creature.

Pudge arrives with his favourite food, a slice of pizza. Feed the pizza to Pudge and he will let you know how much he is enjoying it by his chomping sounds. Pudge also has a very special feature, push down on the top of his horns and his eyes go CRAZY! You can also record your own messages for Pudge to play back in his own voice!

Screechers Wild are a great collectible aimed at children over 6. Screechers are the only vehicles that drive, flip and morph into beasts! Each one comes with 3 collectible discs which activate the flip-morphing action! With 13 different vehicles to collect in Series 2 you can help to collect them all!

Children's Christmas

It wasn’t something I ever knew I needed until I saw it existed. The Unpoppable, ultra durable football! When we go away we love packing the ball to come with us, however we often don’t have much room to remember puncture repair kits or even a pump! The One World Futbol removes the need for those. It can withstand pretty much most environments and it never goes flat! The creators even claimed that even when driven over it won’t flatten! The One World Futbol isn’t a regulation ball but it is great to practice with.

Children's Christmas Gifts - The Enormous Crocodile

What I love most about The Enormous Crocodile jumper is the illustration on the sleeve of the jumper. It is such a cute design and I know boys and girls will love it! The Jumper is available in sizes from 2-6 and made from Poly/cotton!

BABY born Soft Touch Doll

If you are after a doll that pees and poops then this is the one you will need! The Baby Born Soft Touch doll does all of that and even cries real tears! The doll comes with 11 accessories and will keep little ones entertained for hours! The Baby Born Soft Touch Doll stands at 43cm tall, so it isn’t a small doll either. He also has a full plastic body (with a belly button) so can be submerged in water. Making bath times super fun! The Soft Touch Dolls are also softer than other dolls available on the market making them more huggable than before.

*The items were sent in exchange for being featured in the Gift Guide


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